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Starlink , an Infinigate Group company , has underscored its commitment to delivering a consistent 20 % YoY growth for the coming years .

This target was confirmed at the annual Sales Kick-Off under the theme ‘ VAD of the Future ’, held at the iconic Museum of the Future in Dubai earlier this year , revealing a strategic plan for the years ahead and celebrating the achievements of the financial year 2022 , with solid growth of 20 % YoY .
This double-digit increase is the result of a steady momentum across cybersecurity , secure network and secure cloud as well as a strong reflection of the company ’ s highperformance and competitive mindset , as a leading VAD in the MEA region . The most significant highlight in 2022 was the merger with the Infinigate Group , supported by Bridgepoint , a game-changer for Starlink .
Our main priority is to offer valuable opportunities to our vendors and partners , contributing to their expertise .
Klaus Schlichtherle , CEO of the Infinigate Group , said : “ The MEA region is now making a significant contribution to the wider Infinigate Group across EMEA , enhancing the joint offering both geographically and in terms of the technical expertise , benefitting the EMEA stakeholders – including vendors , customers and partners . Together , the Infinigate Group is planning to reach the US $ 5 billion company revenue mark by 2027 .”
Nidal Othman , MEA CEO of the Infinigate Group and founder of Starlink , said : “ 2022 was indeed another phenomenal year for Starlink , marking an important shift in our development . We upgraded our growth plans to intercept the opportunities open to us and unlock value for all our partners . Our portfolio expansion , new initiatives and channel growth have delivered exponential results . Given our strong track record and our joining the Infinigate Group , we have entered 2023 as a global leader and are looking forward to achieve further success .”
Mahmoud Nimer , MEA President of the Infinigate Group , said : “ We are very positive about our collaboration with the Infinigate Group and we fully intend to capitalise on our transformational synergies for a breakthrough performance in the coming years , as an EMEA leader . Our main priority is to offer valuable opportunities to our vendors and partners , contributing to their expertise – capitalising on the best of both worlds in terms of culture , market practices and most importantly inspire enterprises to navigate a seamless journey towards cyber resiliency .”
The 2023 Sales Kick-Off witnessed the unveiling of new initiatives aiming at empowering the vendor and partner communities with a robust value proposition to foster specialisation . We also aim to expand into untapped markets , establishing a stronger foothold in existing markets , supporting enterprises to rethink and revamp their cybersecurity efforts . •
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