Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 61 | Page 25

PARTNERS ’ PERSPECTIVE services such as deployment , data migration and application re-platforming .
That said , enterprises in MEA are still faced with many challenges when it comes to storage . First , reliability and consistency ( of protecting IaaS and SaaS alongside data centre servers ) are the key drivers for improving data protection in 2023 . This is where partners come into the equation .
For organisations that are struggling to protect cloud-hosted data with legacy backup solutions , it is likely they will supplement their data centre backup solution with IaaS / PaaS and / or SaaS capabilities again areas where partners can bring expertise and their influence to bear . In other words , if you modernise the production , you need to modernise the protection .
Secondly , ransomware continues to be both the most common and most impactful cause of outages , but it would be irresponsible to over rotate your data protection solution to be singularly focused on cyber preparedness , because other disasters ( fire , flood , etc .) and user errors ( overwrites , deletion , etc .) still occur . Ensuring that partners help their clients with data recovery tools that can integrate with other cyber detection and remediation technologies is paramount for comprehensive cyber resilience .
Going forward , the evolving market for cloud storage , makes it crucial for enterprises today to adopt the newest technologies . Key features that I believe should be supported are : intelligent storage management , or in other words leveraging the power of AI / ML to perform policy-based tiering and operational control , data security and automated classification to ensure the best ROI and decrease manual operational overheads , ability to migrate data seamlessly between on-premises and cloud storage and support for unstructured data , object storage and new protocols to support data analysis and data mining . •