Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 29 | Page 61

CHANNEL CHIEF AFRICA Creating an EMEA channel for the first time from a blank sheet of paper will be a career highlight for BRETT CANDON, VP EMEA Channel, Exabeam. He explains how he started a career in technology and what he thinks the next technology talking point will be. DDescribe your current job role and the parts that are somewhat challenging? My current job is VP EMEA Channels at Exabeam and I have overall responsibility for the company’s EMEA Channel from strategy to delivery. The most challenging part of the role is ensuring we best align as a team to serve the partners at peak performance and take full advantage of the huge market opportunity Exabeam has opened. It’s a case of the right partners at the right time. It’s important to have faith in your vision, focus and be adaptable towards things that may divert your course in different directions. Can you explain how your company works with channel partners? Exabeam is a 100% channel company. We run a two tier model in EMEA with a Value Added Distribution channel acting as an extension of our channel team to assist with managing our partners, training, recruitment, marketing, financing, logistics etc. For our go-to market we work with systems integrators, MSSPs and value added resellers. and we open up the whole SIEM market for them without the need to rip and replace if the customer is not yet ready. What are the latest trends you see emerging across the channel? It’s vital that partners adapt their business to the changes happening in the marketplace, otherwise they run the risk of being left behind. Typically this could be tying themselves to a legacy technology or vendor that is no longer relevant. I guide my staff towards their goals in line with the company’s goals and I ensure that everyone’s voice gets heard. Brett Candon, VP EMEA Channel, Exabeam How do you ensure channel partners flourish in a highly competitive market? Exabeam has hand-picked the partners we feel will give us good coverage and have the right levels of engagement and technical skills to represent Exabeam in the market. By keeping the number of partners per territory low it allows us to spend more time with those partners. Exabeam’s messaging is relevant for their customers What is your management philosophy? I guide my staff towards their goals in line with the company’s goals and I ensure that everyone’s voice gets heard. It’s important that my team isn’t afraid to make mistakes, ask for help and continue to learn. Everyone is accountable for their actions – good and bad. As a team we aim to work hard, be respectful, overachieve and enjoy ourselves. INTELLIGENT INTELLIGENT TECH CHANNELS TECH CHANNELS Issue 29 61