Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 29 | Page 60

An achievement for me is having an agile and learning mindset. this new level of data insights mean for the organisation as sources of data are coming from the Edge of our operations and can be valuable to the organisational strategy? here are organisational game-shifting examples whereby legacy organisations in our region have experienced a new wave of efficiencies, savings notwithstanding new revenue streams due to their ability to gain and moreover leverage data insights in their businesses. The organisations gaining the most value on the data front are those that are transcending data visualisation and have essentially incorporated data driven technologies across the facets of their businesses. What is your management philosophy? It’s about PEOPLE – my management philosophy leans into strong human relations and is supported by a robust systematic and pragmatic approach to the operationalisation of our business. I am an advocate of allowing our people to outline their ideas, have the opportunity to be creative and extending sufficient control to shape their respective objectives. However, the importance for me is the overall organisational fabric of the organisation – if we want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. When you look back at your career what has been the most memorable achievement? I have been fortunate to experience some phenomenal career highlights. However, if I reflect on a particularly memorable achievement, I tend to think about how we as leaders in business must continue to press forward in times of change, how we need to take our people along in this journey and how often it is far easier to opt-out and give in, rather than opting in and moving forward when everything is an unknown. Therefore, an achievement for me is having an agile and learning mindset as it takes discipline to work through unknown business challenges, market changes, notwithstanding the perpetual and accelerated rate of change. In addition, the current chapter of my career has been truly instrumental in calling the UAE my home and essentially being part of such a dynamic and progressive business, social and economic environment has been a pivotal highlight. What made you think of a career in technology? Technology and especially technological innovation has always played a significant part in the shaping of our industries, economies and the evolution of our human ambitions. My passion for Information Technology and the considerable time and energy I have invested started at a young age through exposure to the engineering element of the field. The early exposure of being able to understand and leverage tech quickly was amplified by education and the real-world exposure of how Information Technology shapes and in a ubiquitous way impacts every aspect of our lives. What are your personal interests and where do you like to spend most of your time after work? Out of the office, I am an avid enthusiast of fixed wings, two wheels and autobiographies. You will absolutely find me either spending time with my family or see the family and me enjoying my passion for flying and adventure motorcycling. The rest of the time, I always have had a disproportionate interest in autobiographies, with the ability to shut the world off and immerse myself into the life-stories of great leaders, influencers and lifechanging learnings. Recently, I found Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, My Story and My Vision: Challenges in the Race of Excellence immensely insightful. • 60