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Organisations need to implement an observability solution which spans across all IT environments , both cloud native and on-premises , says Gregg Ostrowski at Cisco AppDynamics .

Between having to offer employees the flexibility of remote work and deal with the fallout from phenomenon like the Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting , organisations across

Key takeaways
• Technologists in the UAE are facing soaring complexity across an increasingly fragmented and dynamic IT estate .
• They do not have the unified visibility necessary to get a clear line of sight on applications running across on-premises and cloud native environments .
• The consequence , in the event of no action , is that IT teams are unable to identify and fix issues before they impact end users .
• Without unified visibility across the entire IT environment , the risk of disruption and downtime rises .
• Technologists need to get a full view of the entire application path , where application components are running across hybrid environments .
• IT teams also need a solution which enables them to monitor the health of key business transactions distributed across the entire technology landscape .
• With real-time insights from telemetry data , technologists can pinpoint root cause of issues and expedite resolution . the United Arab Emirates , are being challenged to rethink how they engage with existing and prospective employees .
In parallel , a shortage of skills in several sectors is now impacting substantial numbers of organisations , hindering productivity and growth . This means business leaders are focussing heavily on their employer brand .
In a fiercely competitive labor market , employers recognise they need to do more to attract and retain staff , whether that mean offering increased flexibility , enhanced training and development opportunities or better benefits and insurance cover .
One area , however , that can be sometimes overlooked to improve employer brand is digital experience .
According to recent research by Cisco AppDynamics almost all , 99 % of UAE jobseekers feel it is important the applications they use to find and apply for jobs provide a fast and seamless experience , without any delays or disruption . And significantly for employers , 63 % of those surveyed across the Emirates claim that if these applications fail to perform , it puts them off working for the employer .
The fact that almost two thirds of jobseekers are likely to be deterred from applying for a job because of a bad digital experience , should be concerning for UAE business leaders .
The reality is that expectations for exceptional , seamless digital experiences have skyrocketed worldwide , as people have become more sophisticated and selective about the applications and digital services they use . As consumers , we have seen the level of digital experiences that are now being offered by innovative brands , and we have come to expect this every time we use an app . Additionally , our reactions to poorly performing digital services have become stronger . Evidently , these attitudes and behaviors are now extending to how we engage with prospective employers . 73 % of people surveyed
Many IT departments are struggling to manage application availability and performance , particularly those that have moved to multi-cloud and hybrid environments .
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