Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 63 | Page 17

Fortinet Universal Zero Trust Network Access incorporates FortiClient and FortiGate NGFWs , which integrate seamlessly with the Fortinet Security Fabric .
Partners can educate customers about how each security technology and service work together to create the overall zero-trust architecture . When partners facilitate understanding and awareness , they can work with customers to find the right solutions to meet the customer ’ s needs .
# 2 Integrated platform Partners often build their reputations on the services and technologies they offer . Customers look to MSPs and MSSPs to provide solutions that they cannot afford or manage internally . Partners need solutions that can provide visibility across product lines and enable protection across the environment .
The Fortinet Security Fabric provides an integrated platform with the cornerstone technology partners need . With the platform approach , MSPs obtain tightly integrated technologies that are designed to work together to provide visibility and help partners build business operations directly into their reporting , billing , and ticketing .
By leveraging the Fortinet Security Fabric , MSPs and MSSPs gain visibility into their customers ’ environments across all zero-trust architecture pillars to help improve threat detection and response .
When MSPs and MSSPs educate customers , they often can create new business opportunities at the same time .
and certifications prove that partners are keeping their skills up to date for these customers . Partners can provide transparent , objective validation of their service team ’ s capabilities , which builds trust with current customers .
# 3 High return on activities Some customers lack a formal security strategy and may feel overwhelmed by the idea of implementing a zero-trust architecture . Although implementing a zero-trust framework is a broad initiative with many moving parts , the fundamental steps remain the same . Zero trust is a journey and MSPs and MSSPs need to meet customers where they are . They should first provide the security fundamentals that make the most significant impact with the least effort . When partners can add value quickly , they build trust with the customer , especially those customers that are just starting out .
# 4 Build trust Although partners rely on technology , the services a partner can provide are a key differentiator . To build strong relationships , MSPs and MSSPs need to gain customer trust .
New customers struggle because they have no previous experience with the MSP or MSSP , but specialisations , through training and certifications , can provide the necessary third-party objective view . For partners , specialising and acquiring certifications can be a differentiator . A new customer may already recognise the value a given technology brings to their zero-trust initiatives , so the difference between the two service providers often comes down to experience and skill set .
Meanwhile , current customers want to know that their service providers continue to grow their skills , so they can respond to the constantly evolving threat landscape . Specialisations
The Fortinet Engage Partner Programme enables MSPs and MSSPs to take advantage of our tightly integrated , highly automated , and high-performing technologies and improve their profitability by offering technical training , marketing , and sales support . With Fortinet Partner Specialisations , engineers can focus on high business demand areas , and once an organisation becomes eligible for designation as a Specialised Partner , they benefit from visibility on the Fortinet Partner Locator . •