Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 61 | Page 33


With more businesses in West Africa adopting cloud technologies than ever before , the region is set to enhance its competitiveness significantly .

Following years of disruption and hampered by a lack of legacy investment into technology , West African businesses now have an opportunity to leapfrog tech adoption and leverage the cloud for rapid growth and success .
Titilayo Adewumi , Regional Sales Director for West Africa at SAP , said : “ Companies across the region are adopting cloud to achieve greater scalability , improve their data and analytics capabilities , drive innovation and build greater resilience . A huge part of our success in supporting the region ’ s Digital Transformation efforts is our close collaboration with expert partners that continuously find new ways to innovate .”
The World Bank recently noted that digitalisation is one of the most transformational opportunities of our time , highlighting its role in alleviating poverty and boosting shared prosperity in West Africa .
In light of this , cloud technologies offer tremendous benefits to organisations in the region . These include lowering the total cost of ownership of technology capabilities , achieving faster deployment cycles , automating manual processes to boost efficiency , enabling quicker adoption of emerging technologies and creating opportunities for organisations to leverage industry best practices to standardise their business processes . Adewumi singles out the partnership with global consulting firm PwC as a major driver of Digital Transformation success in the region .
“ PwC ’ s innovative approach to solving business problems through technology combined with keen business insight has helped organisations across the region become more successful and build capabilities fit-for-purpose in the highly competitive digital economy ,” he said .
“ From enabling remote work and driving adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to gain insight into key business areas , to meeting the demand for improved user experiences , SAP ’ s partnership with PwC is delivering gamechanging benefits to innovative companies throughout the region .”
PwC is an SAP Platinum member with years of experience implementing SAP ’ s solutions and co-innovating on new ways to apply technology to solve key business challenges . The company ’ s unique value equation combines deep sector experience and business-led perspective with SAP ’ s technology innovation to help businesses accelerate growth and sustain value through user-centric transformation .
Abimbola Taiwo , Director : Tech Advisory and ERP Lead at PwC Nigeria , adds : “ Our partnership with SAP has unlocked significant value to PwC customers . By supporting West African organisations for the future of work through cloud technology , we help them enable secure remote and hybrid work . Innovation and collaboration are further driven through the replacement of disparate IT systems with one consolidated system that serves as a single source of truth , offering real-time visibility over key business functions .” •