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BCX , one of Africa ’ s largest systems integrators and Digital Transformation partners , has acquired 100 % of the shares in DotCom Software Projects to enrich its cloud services and provide greater value to its clients across key verticals .

“ With greater access to on-demand computing power , highly scalable platforms and more flexible approaches to IT spending , cloud computing has gone from an emerging technology to an indispensable business resource ,” said Jan Bouwer , Chief of Digital Platform Solutions at BCX .
BCX has , over the past year , increased its focus on cloud computing with its cloud-agnostic strategy , having recently announced an exclusive rights deal with Alibaba Cloud , one of the largest cloud players globally .
The acquisition of DotCom brings this strategy to life by providing greater choice , diversity and value to its clients . DotCom was founded in 2012 and has become a significant player in Digital Transformation , specialising in cloud solutions and as a trusted Microsoft Azure Gold partner .
“ As a Cloud Solutions Provider , DotCom adds to our own cloud capabilities , specifically with regards to Microsoft Azure , which further drives our cloud agnostic strategy ,” said Bouwer .
“ BCX is also aggressively growing its capabilities to create a more balanced product portfolio for growth . The acquisition of DotCom combined with existing capabilities at BCX will create a powerhouse in the cloud space . I am confident that welcoming DotCom into the BCX family will not only bolster our capabilities but will create further opportunities to grow our product portfolio in the future ,” said Jonas Bogoshi , CEO at BCX .
DotCom delivers cloud computing-based services and solutions including cloud software solutions , cloud managed services and cloud advisory and consulting services to companies migrating to cloud computing . Within 11 years , the company has built up a significant client base drawn from a range of industries , including the financial and insurance sectors .
“ BCX and DotCom are a natural fit . I think we complement one another and share the same commitment of helping our clients make the transition to secure cloud in a way that strengthens their business and accelerates their growth ,” JC van den Heever , CEO of DotCom , said . “ The cloud computing market continues to grow rapidly as companies move from on-premises solutions to cloud-based systems . Trends emerging suggest that companies will continue to adopt new deployment models , such as edge and cloud-native applications , to shifts in operating models , to remote and virtual desktops . I believe that together we can transition our clients seamlessly through these developments .”
The future of cloud computing is increased adoption and discovering new ways to use systems and information in the cloud to drive insights and operational efficiencies . More and more businesses are investing in a hybrid approach that mixes onpremises and cloud-based systems and the market as a whole is moving towards greater reliance on subscription-based software , infrastructure and managed cloud services . This acquisition marks a significant milestone for both companies , who are ambitious about bringing the business benefits of this investment and greater innovation in cloud computing to their clients . •
From left : Jan Bouwer – Chief of Digital Platform Solutions at BCX ; JC van Den Heever – CEO and Co-Founder of Dotcom ; Jonas Bogoshi – CEO at BCX ; and Gerhard Duvenage – Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of Dotcom
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