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New managed service powered by Cisco Full-Stack Observability provides end-to-end visibility across network , infrastructure and applications .


Dimension Data , an IT solutions and technology provider , has announced the launch of 360 Observability . The managed service allows organisations to achieve deep visibility over their cloud-native applications and hybrid IT and multi-cloud infrastructure correlated to business context across the entire IT stack .

It combines end-to-end maturity assessments of architectures and strategies tied to desired business outcomes and key performance indicators ( KPIs ) and application monitoring for comprehensive visibility into contingent performance issues to enable teams to quickly remediate problems .
Today , modern applications operate in highly complex , distributed environments . Teams often struggle to deliver secure , exceptional and reliable digital experiences because they lack insights tied to business outcomes .
Dimension Data 360 Observability , powered by Cisco Full-Stack Observability , moves beyond domain monitoring with a fully integrated approach to application performance , digital experiences , resource optimisation , multi-cloud infrastructure and network and application security . With 360 Observability , teams can proactively identify , prioritise and resolve the most important issues that could impact the user experience and the overall business .
“ At Dimension Data we have a legacy of collaboration and partnership and it is this spirit that has seen us help our clients navigate digital and cloud transformation for the past 30 years ,” said Jeff Jack , the
Principal Practice Head Cloud at Dimension Data .
“ The launch of the Observability solution across our region marks a new chapter for our clients as well as our business . The solution will provide enterprises with a tool that allows them to view end-to-end performance across systems , applications , multiple clouds and networks – all using advanced analytics and automation to transform operations and deliver a superior customer experience fuelled by Cisco technology .” 360 Observability has two components :
• Observability Maturity Assessment : This provides the expertise and knowledge needed to improve performance management and operational maturity , allowing teams to align to business and IT goals and objectives . This assessment identifies architectures and strategies to achieve desired business outcomes along with measurable KPIs .
• Multi-cloud Application Monitoring : Delivering data-driven application performance insights from the browser and mobile app to application middleware and backend databases . It includes a team of observability engineers and consultants who provide technical support and advisory tasks to operate and optimise the observability platform .
Key features of 360 Observability include application and infrastructure health checks , customisable monitoring dashboards , intelligent alerts and reports
Jeff Jack , Principal Practice Head Cloud at Dimension DataKissflow
and fault isolation and acceleration capabilities . Year-round proactive application monitoring provides businesses with real-time , comprehensive visibility into the full stack of available data , while observability assessments optimise costs and performance . This maximises digital business revenue , promotes proactive issue identification at the root and empowers rapid remediation .
“ Increasingly , customers want the flexibility to consume the most advanced observability and analytics as a managed service ,” commented Alexandra Zagury , VP of Partner Managed and As-a-Service Sales at Cisco . “ Dimension Data ’ s 360 Observability demonstrates how these capabilities can be jointly developed and delivered , built on a foundation of Cisco Full-Stack Observability , to help our shared customers achieve superior digital experiences , drive revenue and accelerate Digital Transformation .” •
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