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Nokia unveils four new devices including eco-friendly handset


MD Global , the home of Nokia phones , has announced the launch of four new devices including its most eco-friendly smartphone yet – the Nokia X30 5G , made with 100 % recycled aluminium and 65 % recycled plastic . The phone has responsible packaging , as well as standard longevity promises to revamp the Nokia devices portfolio across all ranges .
Florian Seiche , CEO , HMD Global , the home of Nokia phones , said : “ At HMD Global , home of Nokia phones , we want people to keep their phones for longer and this can be seen across three areas . We build our devices with more recycled materials and continue to boost our longevity heritage with software and security updates . And we are working hard to live this approach as a company , with our business-wide sustainability pledges that shows our commitment to continue to work harder to protect tomorrow .”
Sanmeet Singh Kochhar , Vice President , HMD Global , MENA and India , said : “ Consumers today are environmentally conscious and want to keep their phones for longer , as long as their device experience is not compromised . At HMD Global , we are empowering people to avoid early device replacements . Our longevity promise through the Nokia X30 5G encourages more sustainable usage .
“ We have expanded our device portfolio by launching refreshed X-series , G- series , C-series and the new tablet with four incredible examples that epitomise what these ranges stand for : longevity , sustainability and purposeful design . Our goal is to provide people with products they will love , trust and want to keep for longer .”
Nokia X30 5G
Nokia X30 5G is built with a 100 % recycled aluminium frame and a 65 % recycled plastic back , making it our most eco-friendly smartphone , right down to the box . Using 100 % FSC-certified and 94 % recycled paper box at a reduced packaging size saves on transportation CO 2 emissions , made possible by removing the charger to tackle e-waste .
Nokia G60 5G
Sustainably crafted with 100 % recycled plastic back and 60 % recycled plastic frame , Nokia G60 5G brings X-series longevity to the G-series for the first time . Helping people keep their phone for longer , it comes with the three years of Android OS upgrades , three years of monthly security updates , and an extended three-year warranty at no extra cost .
Nokia C31
Nokia C31 is the latest smartphone from the popular C-series . It brings signature
Sanmeet Singh Kochhar , Vice President , HMD Global , MENA and India
durability , an improved 6.7-inch HD + display , and long-lasting three-day battery life with AI-powered battery saving features . Plus , it comes with the latest Android OS , triple rear and selfie cameras powered by Camera by Google , and improved protection with dust and moisture resistance .
Nokia T21
Designed with a tough body made with aluminium that features a 60 % recycled plastic cover for the antenna , the new Nokia T21 brings all the durability and promises you would expect from a Nokia tablet . Two years of Android OS software upgrades ensure it remains fresh on the inside as well . •
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