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Cloudflare represents the next step of Internet infrastructure : a global cloud platform to manage the security , performance and reliability of any Internet property .
and inexpensively ; to allow for every server , in every city , to run every Cloudflare service ; and to allow us to shift customers and traffic across our network efficiently .
We also provide an alternative to customers who want more options and want control . We prevent the situation where people move their data into the cloud and become trapped . Therefore , Cloudflare created the Bandwidth Alliance to dramatically reduce egress fees . We always want to provide the best solutions in a flexible and scalable way so that our customers have choice .
How has Cloudflare navigated the COVID-19 pandemic ?
Cloudflare ’ s mission is to help build a better Internet and the world is leaning on the Internet more than ever before . Our scalable global network is solving Digital Transformation needs for our customers in hours or minutes , faster than hardware could even ship to vacant offices .
We are fortunate that , because of the breadth of our product offerings delivered across our unified platform , we ’ re often able to cost-effectively bundle services together and help our customers replace legacy vendors .
We feel very fortunate with our results in the short term , we remain relentlessly focused on the long term . Long term , we believe we are well positioned to be one of the few networks that will help run a large portion of the Internet .
In addition , to support the COVID-19 effort from a healthcare perspective , Cloudflare initiated Project Fair Shot . As we watched the world struggle to fairly and efficiently distribute the COVID-19 vaccine , we wanted to lend our technologies and expertise to help . Under Project Fair Shot , Cloudflare is providing Waiting Room technology to any government agency , hospital , pharmacy and other organisation facilitating the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine for free until at least July 2022 . •
We stand apart because of our network , which spans 270 plus cities across more than 100 countries .
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