Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 57 | Page 39

Cloudflare is protecting one million storefronts on Shopify , financial institutions like SoFi and billion-dollar businesses like Glossier , Hubspot , 23andMe , Zendesk , tech giants like Adobe and IBM , fashion and beauty brands like AllSaints , L ’ Oreal and many others .
In this region Cloudflare works with important customers that include governments and leading healthcare and energy companies . Cloudflare is looking forward to building a strong network of partners .
In terms of geographical spread , we have paying customers in more than 160 countries and last year , 48 % of our total revenue came from outside the United States . This is because our customers are all over the world pulling us into new regions and countries .
No one customer is larger than 5 % of our revenue , so there ’ s no concentration in our customer portfolio either . In order to serve those customers , our network spans 270 plus cities across more than 100 countries and 95 % of the Internetconnected developed world is within 50 ms of Cloudflare ’ s network . We will continue to build and expand our network as our customer base continues to grow .
How does Cloudflare differentiate itself from competition ?
Cloudflare was born on the Internet and built organically . We stand apart because of our network , which spans 270 plus cities across more than 100 countries . It ’ s flexible , scalable and gets more and more efficient as it expands . We designed and built our network to be able to grow capacity quickly