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AmiViz is a B2B enterprise marketplace focused on the cybersecurity industry in the Middle East and has been designed to serve the interests of enterprise resellers and vendors . Driven by innovation and AI-powered technology , the platform provides a unique collaboration platform through a mobile app on iOS and Android , as well as a web-based platform to enterprise resellers , consultants , systems integrators , channel partners and vendors . Recently the company unveiled a new customer loyalty programme .


AmiViz has announced the launch of its new customer loyalty programme that is aimed at attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones . The company has curated this new loyalty programme aimed at presenting a strong technical value and pre-sales support to its customers who are willing to work with the AmiViz team , offering more personalised customer engagement strategies and unique value propositions .

The programme primarily covers the technical aspects that can help a business decision , and the assessment and nurturing of technology , to explore feasibility and interoperability to seamlessly fit into the eco-system of other technologies within the customer ’ s network and business environment .
Shahnawaz Sheikh , Vice President of Business Strategy , AmiViz , said : “ Our new customer loyalty programme enables customers to understand the working of technology in tandem with other technologies in their unique working environment without exposing or impacting their network and business environment .
“ This benefits customers ’ assessments and evaluation of products and services before they are acquired or deployed in the production environment of the customer ’ s business . The market currently lacks any offers of such a proposition , while AmiViz , with this loyalty programme , intends to fill the gap and offer customers the option to evaluate and choose the right technology .”
The eligibility criteria for the AmiViz customer loyalty programme are well defined and it states that the customers who have purchased two or more technologies in the last 12 months are qualified to subscribe to this programme . The key benefits of the programme are :
Platform access : Customers can request demo or training access to the platform by requesting the session via the mobile app or portal access . The access is available during working hours and in future , it will be enabled for 24 / 7 access .
Named technical account manager : Each customer will be assigned a named technical account manager who manages the customer requests and customisation of a demo or training platform . Upon request , the TAM will customise the demo environment
Our new customer loyalty programme enables customers to understand the working of technology in tandem with other technologies in their unique working environment .
with integration and interoperability setup for the customer to have hands-on experience with multiple technologies . Bring your own software license : Customers are allowed to install software of their choice if it is not part of the existing demo inventory , this will be done in close coordination with their TAM , and multiple other factors are considered and assessed from technical , storage , duration and resources perspective to assist further .
Bring your own log data : The platform encourages customers to bring their own log data to simulate the required environment away from their own network . The log data helps build a simulated environment within the eco-system of multiple technologies and view them on the dashboard , generate reports or simply navigate the interface to observe diverse results .
Beta tester : If a customer would like to beta test any vendor ’ s new releases , AmiViz TAM will facilitate in getting this done . AmiViz TAM will nominate the customer as a beta tester , obtain the beta license and help install it in the customer ’ s environment or AmiViz ’ s demo platform . Customers can evaluate and submit their input and feedback directly to vendors .
Training and certification : The platform can be made available for training purposes with customisation and integration of multitechnology . Additionally , customers get informed about a training calendar run by the vendors within the EMEA region . •
Shahnawaz Sheikh , Vice President , Business Strategy , AmiViz
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