Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 54 | Page 63


YAIR LEZER , Partner at Noteya Innovations , a rapidly expanding business acceleration consulting firm . Noteya helps technology vendors and end user organisations engage business and technology partners , manage large-scale projects and communicate success . Lezer outlines here how the company is developing business and sales for the channel ecosystem in the EMEA region .

dDescribe your current job role and the parts that are somewhat challenging ? Currently , I serve as a chief business development and sales officer on behalf of our clients . Our company – Noteya Innovations – offers technology vendors a set of business development , sales and marketing capabilities in selected markets where we have established a wide network of trusted distribution channels and have access to largescale projects .

Now that some of the travel restrictions have been eased , we are pleased to now be able to meet our business partners and their end customers in person . We managed reasonably well with Zoom , although nothing replaces face-to-face meetings to build relationships and move forward business and sales opportunities . We are currently trying to close the gaps after two and half long years .
Can you explain how your company works with channel partners ?
In general , working with channel partners is a long-term investment based on professionalism , dedication and , most of all , loyalty . Our relationships with channel partners continually grow and develop over time based on trust and mutually beneficial success . Of course , meetings and other inperson interactions are a large part of how we work with channel partners .
Our company helps our technology vendor clients identify and engage the correct set of sales channel partners , such as value-added resellers ( VARs ), system integrators ( SIs ) and managed service providers ( MSPs ), in the specific regional markets we are targeting . We invest in building strong , lifelong relationships where loyalty and dedication are core values .
Working with channel partners is a long-term investment based on professionalism , dedication and , most of all , loyalty .
This approach allows our clients to access higher profile sales opportunities that are otherwise well beyond their reach .
How do you ensure channel partners flourish in a highly competitive market ?
Despite the events of the past two plus years connected to the pandemic and the backlash that will be with us for some time , markets have continued to be increasingly competitive . At the same time , technologies as well as the expectations of customers are continuing to change rapidly . With this in mind , we must remember that each regional market develops in its own direction and at its own pace .
With this understanding , we always endeavour to connect our technology vendor clients with the appropriate
Yair Lezer , Partner , Noteya Innovations