Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 45 | Page 25

“ fix business VoIP ” by providing better application prioritisation , error correction and dynamic jitter buffering .
Partner concerns
MSPs looking to choose an SD-WAN vendor partner are entering into a volatile and competitive landscape .
The first concern represents an opening for MSPs . Customer demand for education around SD-WAN is significant , even in the SMB space and whatever provider fills that demand will hold the inside track when the customer begins adopting the technology . MSPs , though , share a number of their customer ’ s concerns as they look to incorporate SD- WAN sales into their business . Many are wary of picking the wrong horse in a market that ’ s still shaking out . There are questions about the perceived reliability of SD-WAN technology and the underlying broadband network . But are these justified now given
There are questions about the perceived reliability of SD-WAN technology and the underlying broadband network .
that most service providers across the Middle East and Africa have started to rollout 5G technology ?
What ’ s causing most MSPs to pause , however , are the financial and technical barriers to entry into the market . Ramping up can be a complex and expensive proposition – technical and sales teams have to be recruited and on-boarded , support capabilities established , vendor certifications completed , marketing campaigns created and so on down the list .
Partnering with an existing solutions provider is an attractive alternative to building an in-house SD-WAN practice .
It minimises start-up costs and technical barriers , allowing MSPs to begin selling efforts quickly with less burden on the business . All partners do not have equal capabilities , however .
The challenge for MSPs , however , is not a simple one : How can they navigate the shifting SD-WAN provider landscape while developing the sales and technical capabilities to be successful ?
Even as SD-WAN enters mainstream adoption , customers are still voicing a number of concerns about the technology and the market . According to a recent Gartner finding , the number one concern , expressed by almost half ( 49 %) of respondents , was a lack of familiarity with the technology . This was followed closely by concerns over vendor stability ( 44 %), performance and reliability , ROI and the absence of a clear market leader . •