Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 44 | Page 59

Salesforce completes acquisition of Slack

Salesforce , a global provider of CRM applications , has announced it has completed its acquisition of Slack Technologies Inc .

“ We couldn ’ t be more excited to have Slack as part of the Salesforce family , combining the number one CRM and the trailblazing digital platform for the work anywhere world ,” said Marc Benioff , Chair and CEO , Salesforce . “ Together we ’ ll define the future of enterprise software , creating the digital HQ that enables every organisation to deliver customer and employee success from anywhere .”
Bret Taylor , President and COO , Salesforce , said : “ We ’ ve learned over the past year that the workplace isn ’ t snapping back to the way it was . Together , Slack and Salesforce Customer 360 will give every company in the world a single source of truth for their business and a single platform
Stewart Butterfield , CEO and Co-Founder , Slack for connecting employees , customers , and partners with each other and the apps they use every day .”
Stewart Butterfield , CEO and Co-Founder , Slack , said : “ We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to rethink and reshape how and where we work ,” “ Salesforce and Slack are uniquely positioned to lead this historic shift to a digital-first world . I could not be more excited for what ’ s to come .”
“ We are obsessed with continually delighting our clients , and offering them the best experience and value across every interaction ,” said Arvind Krishna , Chairman and CEO , IBM . “ Salesforce and Slack coming together will help us become more connected , more productive , and more innovative so we can better serve our clients .”
Qualys enters into an agreement to buy TotalCloud

Qualys Inc , a pioneer and provider of disruptive cloud-based

IT , security and compliance solutions , has announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire TotalCloud , a cloud workflow management and no-code automation platform . Upon closing , the acquisition will further strengthen Qualys ’ Cloud Security solution allowing customers to build user-defined workflows for custom policies and execute them on-demand for simplified security and compliance .
“ With the accelerating adoption of cloud technologies , organisations are looking for ways to simplify cloud security visibility and remediation with easy to automate workflows ,” said Sumedh Thakar , President and CEO , Qualys . “ The acquisition of TotalCloud will allow Qualys to bring visual cloud remediation workflow technology to the Qualys Cloud Platform , underscoring our continued innovation in Cloud Security .”
Due to the vast number and varied behavior of the APIs involved in multi-cloud environments , it is hard for customers to build automation to control security , utilisation , inventory , and remediation . The TotalCloud technology will allow Qualys customers to build cloud workflows easily .
“ We are excited to welcome TotalCloud employees , including its founder Pradeep Kumar , to the Qualys family ,” said Thakar . •