Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 44 | Page 20

What has VAD Technologies been telling its partners to focus on during these challenging times ?
Something important to mention here is that we have taken a conscious decision to establish VAD Technologies as a leader in scouting and promoting disruptive and innovative technologies in the region . As such , we haven ’ t gone the easy way to building this business , but it ’ s understood that this is an important and strategic mission that comes with challenges . That all this hard work would have paid off so fast , was even a surprise to us . We are using
We are focusing now on bringing AI-based solutions to the market that will support human efficiency . Key trends we see here are AI powered computer vision and communication bots .
our very own success story and vision to excite channel partners to follow the same principles and never lose sight of what might be ahead of us in terms of new trends and technologies .
VAD Technologies has been ramping up its channel initiatives around cloud services , cybersecurity and onboarding new vendors . Briefly outline how you are working with your channel partners in MEA ?
We are working with a large number of channel partners in the region and offering a wide range of technologies , covering high performance data centre equipment , ITSM technologies , physical security solutions and all this blended with a cloud and AI touch . But we never forget to maintain a personal touch which each of our partners . We do not try to promote all to everyone , rather than using our experience to position new technologies where it makes sense . The fact that we ’ re not just knowing our partners very well , but even their clients , helps in this detailed channel mapping process and exercise . Our partners highly value this and know they can trust us that the solution we offer to them for their portfolio will deliver the expected results .
Which countries have been a key focus for VAD Technologies in the Middle East region in 2021 and why ?
We cover the wider Middle East , including Turkey and Egypt . All of this region is our focus , although not necessarily for all the products and solutions we offer . However , the fastest growing countries for us currently are Saudi Arabia , Qatar and Egypt , and I guess that ’ s not big a surprise for anyone . However , Qatar has been given special intention , with the blockade removed and a more direct touch has been easier .