Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 43 | Page 21

configured with a fully certified Ubuntu 20.04 Enterprise Linux OS and Lenovo ’ s Data Science software stack . Featuring powerful Machine Learning / Deep Learning and developer tools , these powerfully configured workstations include software such as : NVIDIA RAPIDS , TensorFlow , Keras , PyTorch , XGBoost , R-Studio , Docker and more .
For many organisations , understanding how best to utilise AI , addressing the complexity and cost of AI deployments remains a huge challenge . How is Lenovo helping channel partners and enterprises in MEA to overcome these hurdles and unlock the value of AI ?
Lenovo has promoted the strategic value of data and AI , and how it can empower business through our ‘ Think Transformation ’ campaign .
Think Transformation has focused on promoting that data is at the heart of Digital Transformation for all organisations , but that technology has to empower people to work with that data . The data-economy is supported by cutting-edge technologies such as AI , 5G , Edge Computing , IoT and Blockchain . But data on its own is powerless . Data doesn ’ t transform the world , people do . It takes smarter , more ambitious , more driven humans to bring it to life . To apply it , to derive its meaning and to give it purpose .
Artificial Intelligence applied to data will augment humans , not replace us . Humancentric technology will free us to be more creative , more strategic , more forwardthinking . Humans will make data work more intelligently , so that data will work more intelligently for humans .
One of the most compelling propositions for our partners and enterprise are the Lenovo AI Innovation Centres , where we are helping customers to get to grips with AI and get faster results from their data through Proof of Concept testing , Consulting , AI Workshops , ISV Testing and Benchmarking .
The Lenovo AI Innovation Centres take a practical approach to helping enterprises understand and adopt the benefits of Machine Learning and AI for their workloads . Our customers have the opportunity to collaborate in Lenovo AI Innovation Centres so they can better understand the value for their particular use case .
To support software developers and to enable customers to create AI solutions in a fast and efficient manner , we have created the Lenovo Intelligent Computing Orchestrator ( LICO ). LICO reduces the time and complexity for developing AI applications by working with popular frameworks and providing pre-trained APIs , and optimises the resources required for organisations to develop AI solutions .
We have also created resources for our customers , including free data and analytics workshops for customers and a step-by-step guide to turning data into actionable insights to help customers to make their business more data-centred , incorporating analytics and AI to drive consistent , actionable business insights .
Does Lenovo have an AI partner programme or ecosystem of partnerships that it is working with to empower channel partners and data scientists / specialists at enterprise level to enhance data-driven decision making across all areas of an organisation ’ s operation ?
Lenovo works in conjunction with our partners for customer engagements , to understand the business challenges that end-users are facing , and building the right solutions to address those challenges . We have established an array of alliances with key AI ISVs , which enables us to work with partners to address this fast-growing AI solutions market .
AI projects can be complex and have a high cost of deployment , so we are taking a practical approach , that includes our channel partners , that will help our customers to go stepby-step through the entire process of utilising AI .