Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 43 | Page 20

solutions closer to the Edge too . This is reassuring in recognition of the projections of the huge growth and processing needs of new enterprise date being generated outside of traditional data centres and cloud , towards the Edge . As more focus leans on the capabilities and AI , and real time analytics , this demand will grow .
Across every sector and industry in MEA , organisations are looking to AI to improve efficiency , unlock value from data and drive their Digital Transformation efforts . How should channel partners guide their customers to ensure their IT infrastructure will support AI applications and projects ?
The main demand that organisations are facing and that channel partners should be guiding them on , is the need to have an IT infrastructure and a data model that will be flexible enough to meet increasingly complex and changing requirements in future , whether that is for AI or any other Digital Transformation project .
Organisations are mixing cloud , Edge and on premise computing in hybrid environments and focusing on the demands of specific workloads . This means it is important that their data infrastructure has the flexibility to scale to meet their needs , to move workloads to the right platform , seamlessly integrate across platforms and reduce the complexity of managing a diverse environment .
Lenovo ’ s solutions have been designed for these complex deployment scenarios , with features such as end-to-end data management that is architected and implemented for requirements from the Edge to core to the cloud ; encrypted data protection and protection of data at motion , at rest and in the cloud ; integration with leading public cloud platforms and enterprise applications and workloads ; and intelligence and automation to ease implementation , and support embedded analytics for future-proofed data management , delivering superior long-time economic and operational value to the organisation . We are also able to offer our channel partners and the end customers proven , ready-to-deploy infrastructure solutions that are optimised for industryleading ISVs , through our AI Solutions Accelerator Programme .
We work with industry-leading data , analytics and AI software partners to design , configure and test their software on our infrastructure . These solutions are optimised to perform and to scale alongside customers ’ data and businesses . And whenever possible , we even validate our solutions with our partner ’ s certification programmes .
This growing global ecosystem of ISVs enables us to bring to market AI solutions for a wide range of applications and industries , including manufacturing , healthcare , retail and financial services . These solutions build on Lenovo ’ s commitment to accelerate AI adoption for enterprise and SMB customers by diminishing barriers to deployment through practical offerings .
Another component of our portfolio solutions are Lenovo ’ s AI Workstations . AI practitioners spend nearly 90 % of their time on data processing and preparation tasks , so Lenovo PCSD has developed mobile and desktop workstations , powered by the latest Intel Xeon processors and NVIDIA RTX GPUs , which allow data scientists to maximise their workflow output ; taking these workflows from hours to only milliseconds per click . An easy to deploy , out of the box solution for data scientists , Lenovo Data Science Workstations are pre-installed and