Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 29 | Page 25

MIDDLE EAST REGIONAL CHANNELS MID DLE EAST Most recently, Extreme announced a new cloud-enabled retail solution, Extreme Retail Select, curated cloud technology packages designed to remove the cost and complexity associated with selecting, buying, building, deploying and managing network services at retail locations. The turn-key network solutions give retail chains and franchisees the ability to quickly and easily automate set-up and management of network connectivity from one to thousands of sites, maximise operational efficiencies and deliver consistent services and experiences at scale. Customers can also leverage an interface that delivers end-user data, such as dwell times, loyalty information, and site flow that supports marketing and sales initiatives to drive better business outcomes. The company also recently announced new capabilities for its Extreme Fabric Automation software to augment enterprise IT teams and reduce human error. The solution now automatically manages the validation, testing and operation of data centre fabric networks while, at the same time, providing critically important network reliability and resiliency. In 2020, organisations in the META region and around the world will have to adopt several new technologies to improve efficiencies and remain competitive. There are two particular trends that will see transformational changes. The first one is the practical deployment of IoT devices everywhere, from smart homes and connected wearables to Smart Cities and connected healthcare. Second, as cloud adoption is rising across industries, 2020 will see a new era in cloud computing led by the distributed cloud, representing a significant shift from the centralised model of most public cloud services. John Morrison, Vice President, EMEA and APAC Sales, Extreme Networks, said: Extreme’s partnerships are centred around a shared vision of leveraging its joint solutions to enable positive change for its customers and communities. “The META market is among the fastestgrowing and most innovative regions in the world. As a global brand, Extreme Networks is excited to further expand its operations and footprint across META at a time where it is more important than ever for businesses to have agile, reliable and secure network infrastructure in place to fuel their Digital Transformation efforts. Extreme Networks is the right choice for any organisation in this innovative region that is looking for a trusted partner that supports them on their journey.” Maan Al-Shakarchi, Regional Director for Middle East, Turkey and Africa, Extreme Networks, said: “Extreme has an established brand reputation in the region and we regularly feature in analyst reports as a leader in the enterprise wired and wireless LAN markets, as well as an innovator in fabric networking, Wi-Fi access solutions, cloud-management and IoT security. “We have a strong value proposition for the many innovative enterprises that are looking to enhance customer outcomes and drive business growth by embracing advanced technologies such as Wi-Fi 6, AI, Machine Learning and IoT. “We are therefore deepening our commitment and support for our regional customers and partners by doubling our investment in this market. This marks the beginning of a new chapter in Extreme’s role in the META region and I am incredibly excited to play a crucial part in this.” • INTELLIGENT TECH CHANNELS INTELLIGENT TECH CHANNELS Issue 29 25