Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 20 | Page 24

MID E EAS DL ID AL I O N E L S G E R ANN CH DLE E FarEye, a leader in last-mile delivery platforms, has acquired IoT platform Dipper in a move that reinforces the company’s plans to continue solving challenges presented by the logistics industry. FAREYE DIPPER TECH ACQUIRES IOT PLATFORM TO RAMP UP ITS LAST MILE DELIVERY WITH MORE ACCURACY F arEye has announced the acquisition of Dipper for an undisclosed sum. Dipper, founded by Suryansh Jalan and Ayush Syal in September 2015, is an IoT platform that provides visibility and predictability in freight movement and is trusted by Fortune 500 companies and large manufacturers. FarEye, which was founded by Kushal Nahata, Gautam Kumar and Gaurav Srivastava in 2015, is a global leader in last-mile delivery platforms, servicing 100 The biggest problem in road transportation is lack of data because it is a fragmented industry with multiple stakeholders. 24 plus customers across five continents. This move reinforces FarEye’s growth plans to solve challenges for long-haul and multi- modal logistics. Dipper’s predictive technology platform provides logistics stakeholders with end to end real-time visibility of their chain while enabling them with preventive management tools and easy decision making aided with smart KPIs and analysis. Its propriety ML engine estimates real- time delay in freight movement. This helps shippers with better planning for arrival of goods, reliable transportation reducing inventory and benchmarking SLAs to reduce transportation costs. The technology allows on-time deliveries, bottleneck mitigation, theft and pilferage reduction, digitised document digitisation with electronic proof of deliveries and dispatch orders, customer satisfaction and optimised operations. Suryansh Jalan, Gaurav-Srivastava, Kushal-Nahata and Ayush-Syal join forces as FarEye announces the acquisition of Dipper