Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 20 | Page 23

ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGY We use distributors to try and recruit these people but we are not sitting behind the distributor. My people, my sales engineers, are going to develop the system integrators, the value added resellers and the MSPs. We are engaging with them to train them. Are there any countries in which Linksys is particularly strong? In this region (Middle East) Linksys has got between 40% and 50% of market share. We are the largest networking company in the region if you combine the consumer and SMB markets. In some of the product categories we have got the market share. We are very strong in the UAE, KSA and the rest of the Gulf. There are areas of growth in places like Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Kuwait. with basic product presentation and then we also spend time talking about the hands-on training of these products. We actually do a demo and we give multiple products to the participating team. They are doing the implementation and installing and getting a good feel of the product. What we also do is live scenarios. Recently we took Starbucks as an example saying ‘we have got 50 coffee shops and I want you to provide Wi-Fi solutions.’ So we ask our partners ‘how would you go about selling your WiFi solution to them?’. This is so they understand what their scalable needs are and what they want to do in the next few years. This means they are understanding their requirements and proposing the solution. Then we take our partners into the implementation part of it. We run through the whole exercise so at the end of the training they have experience right from understanding the customer needs, asking the right questions to understanding what their current needs and future needs are, as well as understanding their business and making recommendations. So they are designing the solution, proposing the solution and implementing the solution. At the end of the training they know what the solution would look like and how you would sell that solution. Do you use System Integrators? Yes. We sell our products through distributors like Ingram Micro and Logicom. They then sell to system integrators, value added resellers and MSPs. INTELLIGENT TECH CHANNELS Issue 20 LinkSys works with four different channels: traditional and online retail, reseller, system integrator and service provider. What have the main growth areas been over the last couple of years for your business? In SMBs and the mid-market we have been growing much faster than the actual market growth. We launched a gaming router. Before we launched this there were a lot of routers in the market which were branded as gaming without offering any real benefit to the gamers, so we launched something which was purpose built for gamers. This is one area where we have been pretty strong. Do you operate the gaming side of the business through channel partners? Absolutely, there are two things we do with any new product. There are specialised stores that are focused on providing gaming equipment to the gamers. There is a big gaming community now. These guys have a lot of money to spend and they are geeks. They know exactly what they want. Those specialised gaming channels is where we focus to drive our gaming router business. ˜ 23