Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 61 | Page 64

We introduced a new partner type in early 2022 called Cloud Partner that is structured to align with current market trends . how to sell into this market , how to become a service delivery partner and how to transition from a product seller to a service and solution provider .
What are the latest trends you see emerging across the channel ?
I see several , including cloud , recurring revenue , services and marketplaces . There has been a significant digital transition underway , culminating in cloud and multicloud solutions . Enterprises have moved IT and data infrastructures to the cloud for distributed access by employees across their network , especially more recently with COVID and the instantaneous onset of working remotely . Another impact COVID-19 brings is an unsurprisingly long supply chain issue and chip shortage – another reason cloud solutions are accelerating .
What is your management philosophy ?
My management philosophy combines empathy , curiosity and empowerment . I believe understanding different perspectives is powerful . By understanding what is important to my colleagues that report to me , I can work on individual development plans and empower them to execute on these plans . Encouraging them to be sympathetic to our partners enables them to create clear and easy-to-use tools that address the needs of all types of personas and roles they interact with on a regular basis . Our portal uses segmentation and personalisation , which allows us to tailor experiences and align our training by role .
When you look back at your career , what has been the most memorable achievement ?
My achievements have always been built on great teams . Whether it was early in my career and starting to build a small functional team , or later when I took on added responsibility ( or even through mergers and acquisitions ) this has been my most proud legacy . Executing projects that are memorable is only possible with a great team .
What made you think of a career in technology ?
First of all , I am a geek . I love technology and consider myself an early adopter – participating in many beta programmes . I studied electrical engineering and started my career in development , then moved through roles in product management , product marketing and web , but have had the most fun working with partners . This background and passion means that I can help partners understand technology .
What do you think will be the hot technology talking point of 2023 ?
Data security , without a doubt . When you look at the new business models that emerged from the pandemic , such as remote work environments and accelerated cloud migrations , it created both opportunities and risk for companies . Data security dominated headlines last year : everything from ransomware to Zoom bombing . This was a year of enlightenment for how valuable and vulnerable data is . With the continued increase in security breaches , new regulations , extended or permanent shifts in where people work , and the acceleration of cloud solutions , data security will continue to be a focus and opportunity for channel partners in 2023 .
What are your personal interests and where do you like to spend most of your time after work ?
I love bike riding . Living in San Francisco has made for some of the most beautiful rides . I also enjoy visits to Napa and Sonoma to learn about new wines , and I am passionate about space travel and the impact it can have on our economy as a new industry . •
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