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Confluent announces intent to acquire Immerok
Jay Kreps , Co-Founder and CEO , Confluent

Confluent , a data streaming pioneer , has announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Immerok .

Immerok is a leading contributor to Apache Flink , a powerful technology for building stream processing applications and one of the most popular Apache open-source projects . Immerok has developed a cloud-native , fully managed Flink service for customers looking to process data streams at a large scale and deliver real-time analytical insight .
Immerok leadership includes multiple Flink Project Management Committee members and Committers for the open-source technology and would add extensive stream processing expertise to the Confluent team upon the closing of the transaction .
Immerok ’ s investors have included Cusp Capital , 468 Capital and Cortical Ventures .
With Immerok , Confluent plans to accelerate the launch of a fully managed Flink offering that is compatible with its market-leading managed Kafka service , Confluent Cloud . Thanks to Flink , Kafka Streams and ksqlDB , offerings available natively on Confluent , customers are expected to soon have access to the three leading stream processing tools designed specifically to process and enrich data in real-time .
Jay Kreps , Co-Founder and CEO of Confluent , said : “ Our planned acquisition of Immerok will accelerate our ability to bring one of the most popular and powerful stream processing engines directly into Confluent .”
AVEVA confirms completion of its acquisition by Schneider Electric

AVEVA , a global leader in industrial software , has completed its acquisition by Schneider Electric , a leading global industrial company specialising in digital automation and energy management .

AVEVA ’ s strategic focus is on becoming the number one SaaS provider of software and industrial information and evolving to a subscription-only business model . The acquisition will accelerate that transition .
While AVEVA will now be wholly owned and part of Schneider Electric , intentions have been set out to preserve AVEVA ’ s business autonomy , future R & D investment and enhancing the potential benefits for customers and meeting their needs faster with a stronger portfolio of solutions .
Peter Herweck , CEO of AVEVA , said : “ The needs of the industrial world are becoming ever more complex . But the opportunities to create competitive advantage , value and sustainability through
Digital Transformation have never been more compelling .”
Since its foundation , AVEVA has grown from a niche design software developer to a leading global industrial software company with a value of more than £ 10 billion .
Philip Aiken , Chairman of AVEVA , said : “ I ’ d like to thank the board , our employees , customers , partners and investors for their contributions and support and to wish AVEVA continued success as part of Schneider Electric .”
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