Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 61 | Page 47


Tecala achieves Climate Active Carbon Neutral Certification

T ecala has announced that it has achieved the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard for Organisations and is now certified as carbon neutral for its Australian business operations .

The accreditation also now enables Tecala to gain membership in the Climate Active Network ( CAN ) – a network made up of organisations and businesses leading voluntary action on climate change . Climate Active is an ongoing partnership between the Australian Government and Australian businesses to drive voluntary climate action . It enables organisations to meet standards of carbon neutrality , helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition to a low-carbon economy .
“ Tecala has chosen to partner with Climate Active because its carbon neutral certification is one of the most rigorous in the world ,” said Pieter DeGunst , Managing Director , Tecala . “ By being Climate Active Certified , we give our customers and partners the assurance that our IT services are carbon neutral and the certainty that partnering with Tecala enables them to achieve their own sustainability objectives .
“ This is essential in the IT industry as many tech companies have complex , global supply chains and direct connections to service , support and manufacturing industries that make our products and services possible . It enables us to create partnerships with other Australian Climate Active Certified organisations to ensure the ongoing carbon neutrality of our operations .”
In order to become carbon neutral , businesses and organisations calculate the greenhouse gas emissions generated by their activities and then reduce these emissions by investing in new technologies or making operational changes . If any emissions remain , these can be ‘ cancelled out ’ by purchasing carbon offsets , which are generated from activities that prevent , reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions . “ Here at Tecala , in order to achieve our Climate Active Carbon Neutral Certification , we ’ ve put in place some important policies and initiatives to reduce our carbon emissions in 2022 ,” added DeGunst .
“ First , we utilised green energy to power all our office locations and we moved our offices to environmentally conscious corporate spaces that utilise highly efficient green energy , lighting and waste management practises . We also ensure that the use of natural light is optimised throughout our offices .
“ In addition , as our data centres and network infrastructure are essential to our business , we now aim to host our servers at certified IT hosting locations – which are carbon neutral and powered by highly energy efficient systems and processes .
“ We ’ ve also promoted a flexible , hybrid modern workplace where our people are empowered to work from home . This is supplemented across the organisation through Microsoft Teams for appropriate communication and collaboration between Tecala team members and our clients .” •