Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 61 | Page 39

Businesses have rightly started to move beyond the point of password-only security , embracing authentication methods like MFA ( which comes with its own benefits and drawbacks ), but at the end of the day , modern cybersecurity can feel like a numbers game for the unprepared – and the odds are stacked in the cybercriminals favour .
Forget about forgetting passwords in 2023
Luckily , a passwordless future may not be as far away as it sounds . In fact , the
In 2022 alone , more than 2 billion usernames and passwords were breached technological infrastructure and standards framework already exists . Smartphone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung have already laid the technological foundations needed for passwordless authentication for the last decade , while also facilitating a huge shift in behaviour and consumer preferences towards passwordless authentication .
Now , this access technology is moving into other forms of authentication , like software-based biometrics . Because softwarebiometrics doesn ’ t rely on special sensors , but rather the high-quality cameras in mobile devices , it allows for cross-platform use so that users can carry their authentication method across multiple accounts and applications .
Another important driver of passwordless authentication has been the Fast IDentity Online Alliance . With the help of its community