Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 61 | Page 37

no additional equipment on site , reliability of cloud grade , redundant DC infrastructure , scalability allowing to add licensing as you grow without adding hardware , security with regular and automatic bug fixes , updating of latest features and on-going development . Providing end-users with a consistently wonderful experience that is dependable and secure .
How does converging wireless and wireline networks help eliminate costs and complexity and improve reliability ?
RUCKUS Cloud enables IT teams to deploy , control and manage both wired and wireless networks simultaneously and directly . IT no longer needs to deploy a separate network management system to manage its switches and access points . IT teams can control and manage through a single pane console both wired and wireless networks . Provisioning delays and errors are eliminated through a common automated discovery process .
Can you tell us more about RUCKUS ’ cloud offerings and how they benefit businesses ?
RUCKUS Cloud offers easy management and troubleshooting . More efficiency and better productivity are top priorities . RUCKUS
Companies can consider reducing the costs of deployment of new hardware-based sites in new areas . Another area could be looking for ways to simplify connectivity utilising fibre networks .
Cloud WI-FI is based on a pay-as-you-grow model which increases capacity without the need to add physical or virtual appliances which require maintenance . Security patches are employed in the cloud allowing systems to be carefully monitored . Another plus point is no hardware configuration which means quick deployment .
Another advantage is the instant availability of new features is always-on , meaning that IT Teams do not need to expend time to ensure the latest features and patches are installed .
Finally , 24 / 7 support with High Availability ( HA ) and Disaster Recovery ( DR ) ensure we drive down CAPEX costs .
How does RUCKUS Cloud empower managers to assess , identify and address network issues ?
Using advanced AI and patented ML techniques , RUCKUS Cloud gives you the troubleshooting tools to react quickly to service-affecting issues and to stop network anomalies from rising to the serviceaffecting level .
How do you see ML and AI evolving in the future and what can companies do to embrace these changes to benefit users and their ecosystem of partners in the long-term ?
ML and AI are fast becoming critical tools for enterprises . There is so much data today and it is changing rapidly . AI is great at spotting trends and patterns in seemingly unrelated data , and ML feeds AI . This helps improve security and increase customer satisfaction , using one ’ s enterprise data effectively is only possible when you use these advanced technologies . •