Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 61 | Page 35

FUTURE TECHNOLOGY helpdesk operations , driving down the cost of ownership .
What role does ML and AI play in companies having effective cloud solutions ?
RUCKUS Cloud includes RUCKUS Analytics making use of ML and AI to allow for better management of your network and SLA thresholds set by yourself . Gaining visibility into core metrics , for example , connection success , client throughput and more . Automatic behaviour establishment of a normal range of behaviour provides for network assurance .
ML identifies service incidents related to connectivity , infrastructure and performance which affect user experience . AI classifies incidents by severity level with duration and the number of devices affected – allowing ease of reference for critical issues to be resolved first . Simply put , RUCKUS Cloud enables you to meet business demands ’ SLAs .
What can organisations do to maximise their userexperience , operation efficiency and capacity planning ?
Companies can consider reducing the costs of deployment of new hardware-based sites in new areas . Another area could be looking for ways to simplify connectivity utilising fibre networks . Finally futureproofing is an excellent way to ensure new technologies are integrated seamlessly . Ruckus APs are known for exceptional Wi-Fi performance under challenging conditions .
Non-blocking and low latency of multigigabit RUCKUS ICX Switches ensures magnificent throughput for the most demanding applications . RUCKUS Cloud allows you to address end-user experience challenges from both angles . This combination gives you a rock-solid foundation ensuring an excellent end- user experience .
Can you tell us about key network issues decision-makers are facing and how these can be tackled ?
Enterprise networks are becoming more critical and complex . It is time-consuming for IT teams to manage the network effectively with multiple consoles , constant updating and patching . Instead of actively managing , IT teams are forced to react when users grow frustrated . Network professionals spend too much time troubleshooting and cannot proactively identify network issues . This means networks are becoming more complex each day with new network protocols , new applications and new devices . IT help desks become inundated with service assurance issues and more teams need to be deployed to remote sites for troubleshooting . An unwanted consequence can be unplanned OPEX and end-user dissatisfaction .
Ruckus Cloud can overcome this complexity with ML and AI – simplicity with