Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 61 | Page 23

Competencies to gain more control over their Dell APEX deployment options and expand value-added specialty services .
We have a new Dell APEX competency . We ’ ve launched this Dell APEX competency to help partners learn the portfolio . While partners get up-to-speed on this competency , all metal-tiered partners will be eligible for base rebates on APEX + offerings .
We are enabling partners with APEX availability . APEX Custom Solutions are available across all regions to refer , host and resell . With our newly announced APEX turnkey offerings ( APEX Data Storage Service and APEX Cloud Services ), partners can refer or host where geographically available , and the opportunity to resell will be available in the coming quarters .
Hubs in Limpopo and the Eastern Cape to connect underserved communities with access to technology and healthcare as well as to enable skills development and increase community capacity building . Dell Technologies ’ support of similar hubs reaches 18,000 students and community members in countries across three continents . These hubs help community members learn about STEM careers and develop critical life and digital skills needed to participate in the digital economy .
Aside from Digital Transformation , a focus on sustainability initiatives and the march towards net zero in IT , why should Dell Technologies ’ partnering ecosystem take the As-a-Service IT seriously ?
In 2023 , the As-a-Service market will accelerate and offer massive opportunities to provide agility , consistency , and speed that are vital for business growth , and this is also a focus for us .
2023 DTPP Dell APEX Update : We ’ re seeing strong partner momentum with Dell APEX and this is just the beginning . We listened to partner feedback and we have recently announced several enhancements to partners ’ engagement with Dell APEX , including : A consolidated product category . To simplify our incentive structure , we are introducing a single and harmonised APEX Plus category for all incentive-eligible Dell APEX solutions . We will now include Dell APEX Flex on Demand in addition to Dell APEX outcomebased offers . Rebates and earned MDF apply across the full category for eligible partners .
We are also launching partner-led deployment . Partners can now deploy select Dell APEX solutions on their own terms with the launch of partner deployment . Partners can use existing Service Delivery
As businesses in Africa adapt to the new digital shifts , we expect to see an increased interest in on-demand consumption models .
What does the channel outlook for Dell Technologies look like in the next 12 to 18 months given the company ’ s Digital Transformation and sustainability focus ?
It ’ s important that we stay agile . We ’ ll continue to innovate , deliver outcomes and maximise our partnership potential . With our partners , we have the momentum , the drive and the power to shape the next wave of our industry . It ’ s up to us to write the next chapter of our industry ’ s history books . When we talk about Digital Transformation , my hope is that we also see human transformation with more kindness , generosity and empathy . Let ’ s come together to deliver the technology that advances human progress and provides greater opportunities for all . I ’ m extremely excited about the road ahead and grateful to be on it with our amazing partner community . •