Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 59 | Page 39

Effective vulnerability management combines patch management , vulnerability scanning and risk assessment , with some more advanced solutions including vulnerability management , detection and response .
3 . Patch management ( PM )
Patches go beyond security vulnerabilities . They also fix bugs and performance issues . Comprehensive patch management will track each new release of an app , but hybrid environments expand the number of endpoints and make it difficult for teams to prioritise patching . Cloud-based , consolidated , automated patch-management platforms overcome such issues and prevent exposing data to malware and ransomware attacks .
4 . Endpoint detection and response ( EDR )
Because of the proliferation of remote workers , we now have more endpoints than ever before . This is a fundamental concern facing the region ’ s security professionals . EDR combines real-time data analysis and monitoring of endpoints with heuristic , automated response .
Cybersecurity vendors now offer new EDR that is designed to reduce the incidence of false positives and prevent lateral movement . Multi-vector endpoint protection brings together multiple layers of protection , combining rules-based screening with AIbased techniques .
5 . Extended detection and response ( XDR )
XDR is a SaaS-based detection and incidentresponse approach that combines several security tools into a unified platform . XDR allows threat hunters to identify and mitigate modern threats such as ransomware and zero-day attacks .
XDR works through the implementation of proactive prevention , detection and response , providing visibility across all data sources , including endpoints , networks and cloud data . Advanced analytics and automation lead to improved protection , detection and response capabilities and better productivity for security personnel .
6 . Email security
As today ’ s preferred attack vector , email warrants close attention when enterprises consolidate their security suites .
Now that more and more email is cloudhosted , mail security solutions will help enterprises block email-related threats such as malware , advanced persistent threats ( APT ), phishing , spam , business email compromise ( BEC ) and zero-day threats .
7 . Compliance
Risk management amid a growing roster of regulatory obligations is becoming a constant pressure for regional CISOs . Security governance and risk management