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Zscaler acquires ShiftRight to integrate security workflow automation technology

Zscaler , a cloud security company , has announced it has completed its acquisition of ShiftRight , a closed-loop security workflow automation vendor .

ShiftRight ’ s workflow automation technology is currently being integrated into the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange cloud security platform to automate security management for the growing influx of risks and incidents organisations are experiencing . This integration will provide a simple , sophisticated solution to reduce incident resolution time dramatically .
“ I am excited to welcome the ShiftRight team into the Zscaler family ,” said Jay Chaudhry , CEO , Chairman and Founder of Zscaler . “ The decision to acquire ShiftRight was the logical next step because we saw the immense benefits of their technology during our preexisting technology partnership .
“ We will now extend the value of Zscaler ’ s platform with ShiftRight by simplifying IT and security operations through security workflow automation . The integration of ShiftRight ’ s technology into Zscaler ’ s cloud platform will help customers establish clear lines of responsibility and provide real-time visibility for their security posture .”
Security teams are held accountable , but are not directly responsible , for many security-related actions . This misalignment has become a source of contention for organisations as the security landscape becomes crowded , fragmented and complex . In practice , the responsibility for cybersecurity is distributed throughout multiple teams in an organisation .
Pradeo acquires Yagaan and strengthens its cybersecurity services unification strategy

Pradeo , a global provider of mobile fleet and application security has entered into exclusive negotiations for the acquisition of Yagaan , an application security software company based in France . The deal once concluded , will strengthen Pradeo ’ s security offerings and unify cybersecurity services by providing comprehensive expertise and solutions in the fast-growing mobile security market .

“ With its European roots , Pradeo leverages its sensitivity to data privacy to take a global leadership position . The adoption of Pradeo ’ s mobile security solutions by Fortune 500 companies is a clear endorsement of its implementation ,” said Nicholas J . Baugh , Best Practices Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan .
Created in 2017 , Yagaan has 10 employees who will join the Pradeo team to bring its staff count to 60 .
“ Europe is fortunate to have a number of extremely successful businesses in its territory . However , each of them has to compete with powerful unified offers , often foreign , which prevail because of their ease of use . European companies need to unify their services by targeting very specific markets to become global champions ,” said Clément Saad , Cofounder and CEO of Pradeo .
Hervé le Goff , CEO of Yagaan , said : “ We share with Pradeo the same taste for technological excellence and the need to unify cybersecurity solutions .”
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