Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 57 | Page 21

ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGY analytics . Cloud solutions is an opportunity to address cloud optimisation , data storage , protection , management , and a wide range of solutions for cloud ops buyers . Hybrid multi-cloud helps organisations determine a tailored environment for fit-to purpose compute and storage , whether on-prem , hybrid , or cloud . AI and analytics are emerging opportunities to help data ops and data scientists realise the transformational impact of AI while also accessing solutions to modernise data analytics to handle exploding datasets . NetApp will identify partner capabilities and utilise solution competencies which are aligned to these three focus solutions : cloud , hybrid cloud , AI , and analytics .
Our partners are central to our approach to the market , so we strive to motivate and reward them while helping to grow their business . They will receive robust training , tools , and support to help them capture cloud market share .
Which region in the broader region you cover is witnessing the highest channel growth and why ?
To answer this question , I will split it into two sections . At NetApp we focus on two areas : hybrid cloud and cloud . There is also Artificial Intelligence ( AI ), and there are partners that want to work with us to build their competencies from a workload perspective .
The adoption of cloud is different in Middle East region and therefore the partner types are different . We ’ re speaking about two pools of partners : The existing partners or the partners that are being onboarded to continue developing the more traditional way of doing business : infrastructure , selling storage , or providing managed services but still building on-prem and costing it to their customer . Secondly , there is the cloud , where we see the trend differs from region to region . For example , in the UAE , businesses are more advanced when it comes to the cloud adoption . Also , countries like CIS , Brazil , and Spain are adopting the cloud much faster , and the growth opportunity in cloud is much bigger .
When it comes to on-prem it is a bit different now . People are trying to find ways and approaches and we are helping them . There are opportunities for all partners .
Growth areas from a cloud perspective differ from country to country . This depends not only on the adoption of the cloud , but also where our alliances partners like AWS , Google Cloud , or Microsoft Azure have built their data centres . The upcoming growth areas are for example in countries like Qatar , where a data centre will be launched very soon by Microsoft . Our partners will get all the enablement and support they need jointly from us and the hyper-scalers .
What brought you to GITEX Global 2022 and what engagements were you hoping to have with your channel partners from the META region ?
NetApp participates at GITEX every year , because we believe it is the one place where we at least on a yearly basis can share on a much bigger scale with our customers and our partners what we have been doing over the year , and how we are growing . We take the opportunity to connect and to share the latest from NetApp . This year , it felt a bit special , because the event fully opened after the pandemic . We got the opportunity to meet with so many partners and customers . What we heard from them – about what we have been doing and establishing as opportunities to cater to the market needs – made us feel proud at NetApp .
The last thing is on the journey to the cloud which is on every person ’ s mind . Whether it is a CIO , an IT manager , or a developer , they want to understand how they can optimise the cloud journey and reduce costs . They want to hear more about our other solutions like Spot by NetApp for a simplified and automated cloud infrastructure , or other cloud data services . We have loads of meetings and follow up with our partners and customers to make sure that our message is really heard by everyone , and we can contribute to our community .
What were you hoping to achieve from your participation at GITEX Global 2022 ?
GITEX has been a great opportunity to get in touch with many different realities , as well as identifying new market opportunities to better serve our customers . GITEX helps us to expand our ecosystem : customers are more and more willing to have turnkey