Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 55 | Page 68

require materials and energy . These materials need to be extracted from the earth , the products need to be fabricated and then transported to warehouses .
Electronic devices normally have a lifespan of 10 years and most corporate refreshes happen every three years . This means equipment have at least another seven years of useful life . So , the easiest way for these corporates to become more sustainable and to save money at the same time , is by reusing their own electronics before they become waste .
The best way to promote a reuse culture is to incentivise these programmes . After all , it also makes financial sense . Studies show that by extending a technology refresh by one year could save a company in the region of 5 % of its annual revenue .
Donations to staff and charities are another way to extend the life of equipment . However , corporates need to partner with a refurbishing company to ensure equipment is prepared for reuse .
Environmentally conscious businesses should promote reuse as the first option because manufacturing new products require materials and energy .
Electronics should be properly recycled once reuse is no longer an option . This is an essential way to improve sustainability goals . It is critical to choose an ITAD partner with the necessary certifications as this will ensure that the equipment is being disposed in a responsible manner , but also in line with environmental regulations . More importantly , it will ensure the processing of all data-containing devices in a secure manner .
These certifications prove that the ITAD partner adheres to industry standards , procedures and regulations . To ensure IT equipment and data is being recycled properly , businesses need an ITAD partner that can deliver real-time access and complete visibility into the entire downstream process . This means they need to provide audited reports showing data such as weights and locations of equipment that are reused , resold , donated or recycled .
Reputable resellers of refurbished equipment ensure electronics are sold in a like-new condition . Buying refurbished is an eco-friendlier option and this equipment costs substantially less than new , allowing businesses to stretch their budget further . This will also enable them to deploy higherspec equipment than their budget would normally afford if buying new . •
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