Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 55 | Page 63


ANDREW MARTIN is Senior Sales Director EMEA and Managing Director UK at Egnyte , a software company headquartered in Mountain View , California . Martin talks about his current job role and how driving the sales across Commercial and Enterprise business providing a platform for management and governance of all unstructured data across a business and developing the partner business across EMEA .

dDescribe your current job role and the parts that are somewhat challenging ? As head of EMEA for Egnyte , I am responsible for looking after the European business , coordinating sales , marketing and customer success to ensure we deliver the best service possible to our customers and channel partners . It also involves expanding the business across the region and building a strong channel programme . Over the last 18 months , remote working has brought its own set of challenges : recruiting and onboarding people virtually , helping employees who are juggling work and home schooling , and overcoming ‘ Zoom fatigue ’. We all need to make more effort to move away from our desks and take a break , especially when working remotely .

Can you explain how your company works with channel partners ?
Through our MSP and VAR programmes , we work with our partners to build value and trust with our joint customers . We have a track record of fast time to value for our customers , helping them to achieve the business outcomes they are looking for quickly and timely , so they can show real value to their customers .
How do you ensure channel partners flourish in a highly competitive market ?
We ensure our partners fully understand our value proposition and both the solutions
We see our partners as part of our sales organisation , rather than as competition . As such , we focus on their customer success .
Andrew Martin , Senior Sales Director EMEA and Managing Director UK , Egnyte