Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 55 | Page 35

FUTURE TECHNOLOGY of the responsibility lies with them .” Menon said the channel leaders from the vendor community are also improvising on their social skills for reaching out to resellers , use online channels to enable , guide and grow their reseller business and thus help them in the pursuit . “ Check Point Software has a strong enablement , training and certification programme for resellers to acquire the necessary skill sets to address the modern cybersecurity challenges faced by organisations which is extensively leveraged by our channel partners ” he said . According to Zakhour , resellers need to firstly provide an environment that entitles individuals to have time to learn and develop or build their skills . “ Some resellers hire individuals with the expectation that they meet and exceed their specific goals ; generating revenue is important , but if your individuals are not ready and have the capabilities and the confidence of selling a specific solution it would be a futile effort and would result in no achievement . At the core is skills
Vlad Postelnicu , Director Alliances and Strategic Partnerships , Software AG development and encouraging the culture of learning ,” she said .
The tech talent squeeze in the channel means resellers must build deep leadership benches . In an environment where IT talent is scarce , integrating partner training and certifications into an employee ’ s career path can be tricky given the high levels of staff poaching in the IT channel .
Vlad Postelnicu , Director Alliances and Strategic Partnerships , Software AG , said there are many partner organisations that can cover many different technologies provided by a variety of software vendors . Postelnicu said customers are looking at IT implementations that are very focused and specialised . “ It is no longer a market where customers are buying for the sake of a ‘ buzzword ’ such as IoT or AI but buying to fit a purpose of the digital projects that actually upscale their overall business . Therefore , instead of scrambling to get trained and certified across the board , resellers must aim to become specialists ” he said .
Postelnicu said Software AG works closely with resellers and its professional services teams to enhance those skills and capabilities and convert some of the resellers into Software AG partners as a part of the company ’ s proprietary programmes based on changing customer requirements . “ Again , it is important to realise that the ‘ jack of all trades ’ approach is redundant in the