Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 54 | Page 35

FUTURE TECHNOLOGY getting to know our members better than ever before . Whether it ’ s in our mobile app or on the desks of our 140 contact centre agents , we ’ ve made more member data visible and available in a singular interface . We can now instantly see when someone is going to the hospital or why a claim may have failed and recommend a solution .
“ To advance our personal promise , we ’ re also using the newly acquainted , detailed member data to deepen our personalised health management service capability – this is a concierge-type resource that gets the right health information and advice to our members , how they want it and when they want it .”
With all critical data accessible through a unified platform , the benefits also extend to governance and compliance with the solution assisting Peoplecare to maintain compliance with the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority ’ s ( APRA ) CPS 234 standard .
Williams said Peoplecare ultimately chose Boomi due to its ability to easily break down data silos with a simple drag-and-drop user interface that visualizes process flows . Given the company ’ s limited IT scope , Peoplecare wanted a solution that would support citizen integrators within the organisation and sought a partner for the implementation .
Boomi introduced Peoplecare to trusted IT service provider Atturra to
By linking our systems and data , we ’ re overriding our disparate architecture and getting to know our members better than ever before .
support the Boomi AtomSphere Platform implementation and establish standards for its integration practice .