Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 54 | Page 23

business while helping customers to improve by increasing their agility and ability to innovate . In doing so , partners are playing a critical role in digitising society , improving lives , and helping countries fulfil their national plans and visions .
The importance of the channel cannot be overstated , which is why we are so committed to helping our partners develop and succeed .
Key cloud partner in KSA
Underscoring the growing importance of cloud solutions to Digital Transformation in Saudi Arabia , solutions by stc became the first VMware Sovereign Cloud provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia early in 2022 .
As a participant in the VMware Sovereign Cloud initiative , solutions by stc will enable customers to run their sensitive and regulated workloads on a more secure and compliant national cloud that meets Saudi Arabia ’ s data residency and data sovereignty requirements .
The service will further expand solutions by stc ’ s offerings to provide their customers various services , including control over the access of their data , transparency , visibility into the provider ’ s operations . This will empower organisations to move to the cloud , increase their agility , and launch modern applications , accelerating Digital Transformation across sectors including healthcare and education , in line with Saudi Vision 2030 . solutions by stc , which is already the largest provider of private cloud services in Saudi Arabia , is playing a major role in enabling the Kingdom ’ s Digital Transformation efforts and helping drive growth of the cloud market .
The VMware Sovereign Cloud initiative helps customers engage with trusted national cloud service providers to meet geo-specific requirements around data sovereignty and jurisdictional control ; data access and integrity ; data security and compliance ; data independence and mobility ; and data analytics and innovation .
The way partners sustain a profitable business in the future will not be in resale . It will be in the customer lifecycle process because companies are increasingly moving to a subscription and consumption model
What other channel initiatives is VMware planning for channel partners in South EMEA in the second half of year ?
The main initiatives we are working on revolve around the Velocity Plays , which are part of the GTM Plays . Velocity Play is an engagement model between our partners and different teams within VMware , whether it ’ s the partnerships team or solution specialists . We developed these Velocity Plays to have a consistent framework of engagement across the different markets for our customers and to ensure their success . We are in the process of rolling out eight Velocity Plays which cover almost all our solutions . This will be a major focus during the second half of the year . It will improve engagement between our partners and VMware teams .
What does the channel outlook for VMware look like in the next 12 to 18 months ?
Implementation and consumption – these are the two key words . The whole company is focused on driving the subscription model , so the focus in the coming period is to ensure we have the right foundation and engagement model to allow for the proper roll out of subscription , implementation , and consumption of solutions in the region to our customers . •