Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 54 | Page 67

The C-suite demands more value and lower costs . And all of this takes place in an atmosphere of skills and resource gaps .

Two years on from our planetwide migration to the cloud , the unease experienced by IT and security teams lingers . Consumers demand more and better digital experiences . Employees demand more flexible working conditions .

The C-suite demands more value and lower costs . And all of this takes place in an atmosphere of skills and resource gaps . On top of all this , everyone from the customer to the board expects delivery of their wish-lists in absolute security . But mounting evidence suggests security teams are not confident in their ability to meet these requirements .
In a global report by Trellix , companies revealed how unprepared they were in battling digital predators , especially when it came to the use of shared data . More than 90 % confirmed they were in possession of such data but that it was incomplete and often did not give adequate details of attacks or their effects . This nervousness about the threat landscape can be felt everywhere . A recent PwC report found around 43 % of Middle
East organisations expected a “ surge in reportable incidents ” in 2022 .
Security teams need help from several quarters . First , their organisations must change their culture to accept that cybersecurity is everyone ’ s responsibility . And second , IT and business stakeholders must recognise that handling the entire security function in house is no longer viable . Today , in the age of cloud , managed security service providers ( MSSPs ) are increasingly the answer to under-resourced and beleaguered teams .
MSSP challenges
MSSPs are also the answer to gaps in strategy . For example , Trellix ’ s report revealed one in 10 global organisations to be without a security strategy , and many must lean on third-party support to identify the perpetrators of attacks . But it is important to note that these vulnerabilities can extend to MSSPs themselves .
MSPs in general have been the source targets of supply-chain attacks such as those on Kaseya and SolarWinds . So , if MSSPs are to take their place as the go-to solution for plugging skills and resource gaps , they need to think about their own strategies to contend with an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape . And they
need to consider how they will sift through the variety of tools currently vying for the title of ‘ Cyber Panacea ’.
To be an effective partner for the region ’ s embattled security teams , an MSSP must