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Verint launches innovative next-generation partner programme

Verint has announced its newly designed partner programme . The innovative programme provides new collaborative tools and programme elements to make it easier and faster for partners to accelerate growth , expand portfolios and differentiate in the market .

Verint ’ s newly designed partner programme leverages the openness of the Verint Cloud Platform and lends itself to digital-first , workforce engagement and experience management partners . It is structured to empower partners to deliver faster time-to-value with Verint solutions .
“ In the past year , Verint has enhanced many aspects of its partner programme to allow us to be more strategic in how we engage with customers ,” said Matthew Storm , Vice President , Marketing , Group Elite . “ As a result of the new improvements , we ’ ve had more access to resources and co-marketing programmes that have brought us closer to our customers through webinars and workshops .”
The new programme elements are easily accessed through Verint ’ s online partner community , within the newly designed Verint Partner Corner on Verint Connect . The interactive engagement portal is a one-stop shop for the partner community to access selfserve digital resources for training , sales , technical and marketing materials . Verint Connect also hosts the Verint Developer Portal
providing access to cross-product Verint APIs with consistent security patterns , documentation and interfaces .
Study finds new class of post-pandemic tech leaders emerges to tackle experience economy
Liz Centoni , EVP , Chief Strategy Officer , GM of Applications , Cisco AppDynamics

Cisco AppDynamics , a leading provider of Observability and Application Performance Monitoring technology , has published findings from Agents of Transformation 2022 , the fourth annual report that analyses the skills and attributes of elite global technologists .

In the wake of the pandemic , it reveals the emergence of a new class of technology experts stepping up to meet critical challenges that are blurring the lines between business strategy and IT operations . The report also cites the demand to make all products and services digitally available in the Experience Economy amid heightened security threats , increasing complexity and the accelerated shift to hybrid work and the cloud .
“ The bar continues to rise and over the last year we have seen a redefinition of what it means to be an Agent of Transformation . These leaders are looking to better understand how issues in their respective domains impact the total experience of users and applications , adapting to change with solutions that positively affect the overall business ,” said Liz Centoni , EVP , Chief Strategy Officer , GM of Applications .
According to the Cisco AppDynamics report , 74 % believe that their experiences in recent years – particularly during the pandemic – have accelerated their careers and 88 % now consider themselves to be business leaders .
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