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Knight said the level and extent of protection enjoyed by the company would simply not have been possible to achieve without LogRhythm . As an example , in a recent month there were more than 191 million logs ingested by LogRhythm , of which 3.5 million were forwarded to a second stage for closer analysis by Artificial Intelligence tools .
“ This then led to 67 alarms being triggered , of which just 37 needed to be investigated by the Advantage security operations team ,” he said . “ That is an
We can be confident that any misconfigurations , breaches , or unauthorized access of our systems will be quickly picked up .
Steve Smith , Auckland Regional Manager , Advantage NZ example of how effective LogRhythm is at spotting potential threats amid very large volumes of alerts . There would be no way to do that manually .”
Knight said the LogRhythm infrastructure has already proven to be invaluable as it recently spotted a misconfiguration that could have led to issues if not rectified in a timely manner .
“ We were then able to rectify that misconfiguration immediately whereas , prior to LogRhythm , it may have been days or
even weeks before it was spotted ,” he said . “ We are now much more comfortable that we have the level of visibility we require to ensure our systems and resources are secure at all times .”
Steve Smith , Auckland Regional Manager , Advantage NZ , said the strong working relationship that now exists between the two companies would help to ensure the current high levels of security protection would be maintained .
“ We now have a solid understanding of Sandfield ’ s requirements and look forward to supporting them as a team with the winning combination of LogRhythm ’ s technology and expert skills as they continue to grow in the future ,” he said . •
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Sandfield ’ s expertise spans several technologies and industries with dedicated offerings in supply chain , integration , financial management and custom software development .
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