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Sandfield strengthens IT security and automates monitoring with LogRhythm

Sandfield , a software solutions provider based in New Zealand , has deployed the LogRhythm-based SIEM platform , following a recommendation by managed services provider Advantage . Sandfield is now benefitting from a new security framework that provides better visibility and protection .

Established in 1989 , Sandfield has grown to become a leading provider of software applications for operational businesses looking to differentiate themselves through the use of technology .

The company ’ s services and product portfolio includes software and website development , application delivery , database administration , mobile app development and integration services . Sandfield supports clients throughout New Zealand and around the world .
The challenge
As it has grown during the past few years , Sandfield has increasingly been taking on larger and more complex client projects . This has required an expansion of the company ’ s cloud operations and an increase in processing and storage capacities .
Justin Knight , Head of IT Operations at Sandfield , said this growth had also led to the need for increased IT security measures to ensure client applications and data were fully protected from external threats . At the same time , the organisation benchmarked its protocols against an international standard to ensure their capabilities would be protected .
“ About 18 months ago , we achieved our ISO27001 certification ,” he said . “ As a part of that , and to ensure we had all the required controls in place , we realized we needed better insight into and management of our security measures .”
Initially , the company ’ s IT team assessed whether this could be achieved using internal staffing and resources . However , it quickly became apparent that this would not be the most effective approach .
The solution
After examining a range of alternatives in the IT security space , a decision was taken to engage the services of New Zealand managed services provider Advantage .
Advantage assessed Sandfield ’ s specific requirements and recommended that the LogRhythm-based Security Information and Event Management ( SIEM ) platform be deployed . The project began in early 2021 with a proof-of-concept ( PoC ) before rolling it out to cover all critical systems .
“ The first step for us was to enable LogRhythm to capture all our Windows and firewall logs ,” said Knight . “ Since then , we have added logs from our AWS and Azure cloud environments as well as Google Workspaces .”
Justin Knight , Head of IT Operations at Sandfield
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