Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 54 | Page 29

LinkShadow is a US registered company with regional offices in the Middle East . The company is pioneered by a team of highly skilled solution architects , product specialists and programmers with a vision to formulate the next-generation cybersecurity solution that provides unparalleled detection of even the most sophisticated threats . Retly , the company achieved integration with Fortinet , a move that will see the two companies bring joint solutions for next-generation behavioral analytics with proactive defence .


LinkShadow has announced an integration combining Fortinet FortiGate Next Generation Firewalls ( NGFW ) and LinkShadow Cybersecurity Analytics Platform . The integration equips security teams to uncover zero-day threats with proactive threat detection and defense by getting full visibility from Fortinet Firewalls around the defense activities .

Linkshadow Cybersecurity Analytics Platform , an innovative user and entity behavioral analytics platform in Frost Radar for 2020 , provides customers with unparalleled detection of the most sophisticated threats . The Linkshadow Cybersecurity Analytics Platform enhances an organisation ’ s defence and accelerates incident response by utilising Artificial Intelligence based Machine Learning to analyse events , perform UEBA and cuttingedge Threat Hunting .
The integration of LinkShadow and FortiGate Next Generation Firewall comprehends the lifecycle of User and Entity Behavioral Analytics , and Threat Hunting , and accommodates highly automated , complex incident response , to deliver faster results and facilitate an adaptive defense against the most sophisticated and unknown attacks .
As part of Fortinet ’ s unique Security- Driven Networking approach , which deeply integrates an organisation ’ s network infrastructure and security architecture , the FortiGate NGFW is the only cybersecurity solution on the market that provides natively integrated Secure SD-WAN and ZTNA capabilities without requiring additional licensing to improve security , reduce costs and complexity , and simplify network operations .
“ Today , most breaches are zero-day exploits , leaving no scope for detection or mitigation . Lack of timely intelligence cripples security teams , posing a panic situation , and brings businesses to a stand-still followed by huge financial ramifications ,” said Fadi Sharaf , Regional Sales Director , LinkShadow . “ It is critical to deploy automated cybersecurity tools driven by Artificial Intelligence that can detect and mitigate an anomaly well in advance and save the day . With this robust integration , LinkShadow gains full visibility into the application layers to monitor abnormal connections and data exfiltration which are proactively stopped by FortiGate Next Generation Firewall before posing a threat .”
Fortinet ’ s technology alliance partners build on Fortinet products and solutions to help customers get even more value from their security deployments . Technology alliance partners are a key part of the Fortinet Security Fabric , which enables the development and delivery of truly comprehensive , end-to-end security solutions that can dynamically adapt to the evolving network architecture as well as the changing threat landscape . Alliance solutions provide customers with more effective security , and are pre-integrated , saving time and resources in deployment , operations , and support . •