Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 54 | Page 25

PARTNERS ’ PERSPECTIVE houses and demand generation platforms across the region to provide channel managers with both the data demanded by corporate marketers to justify allocations as well as the actionable insights required to optimise the distribution of marketing funds across a range of classes and partner types . This is being done to ensure that not every plan is suited to all partners that each vendor works with .
Marketing funds
Of course , the only thing more frustrating than marketing funds poorly spent is money that is never spent . Every channel manager knows there are pockets of MDF that never gets paid-out . Primarily because channel partners are unaware they exist . As a result ,
As marketing increasingly becomes a science , marketing professionals are being held accountable for the return on every penny spent .
it is vital that channel managers develop and promote a platform that is centrally managed as a means of notifying partners what funds are available and how best to qualify to access them . Best of all , the management of that spending occurs within a framework that any corporate auditor can quickly follow .
Naturally , we all know a poorly managed channel marketing programme can be easily exploited . It ’ s not uncommon for some partners to come to think of MDF as something akin to an entitlement programme that offsets some of their lifestyle costs .
The fine-line channel managers need to walk is holding partners accountable for marketing funds in a way that doesn ’ t discourage them from ever taking advantage of MDF in the first place .
The best and only way to achieve that goal is to rely on a transparent channel platform that provides the visibility needed to quickly see who in the channel is doing precisely what with those marketing funds at any given time . That way you are creating a win-win between the vendor and the channel community . •