Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 51 | Page 29



Alteryx Inc , an analytics automation company , has announced its updated partner programme powering its partner-centric growth strategy focused on maximising customer value . The expanded partner programme is a key driver towards Alteryx ’ s mission to democratise analytics across organisations and enables partners with both deep technical knowledge and business domain expertise to help their customers achieve business breakthroughs .

According to Alteryx , the new programme allows customers to inject analytics into everyday business processes with a complete set of partner capabilities , including professional services and custom solutions powered by Alteryx , to make datadriven decisions .
In addition , the programme establishes mutual benefits with the Alteryx partner ecosystem including unique benefits for each partner type namely solution providers ( recently including value-added resellers and distribution partners ), global system integrators ( GSIs ), technology partners , and original equipment manufacturers
( OEMs ). Joint customer success , technical expertise , and new customer acquisition are incentivised by the programme . Partners at each tier – Registered , Select , and Premier – are rewarded with progressive benefits as they achieve milestones within the program , including within a tier .
“ Our approach with the partner programme redesign acknowledges that partners want to invest their resources in organisations that reward activities such as opportunity registration , training , certifications , co-marketing , and joint business planning ,” said Barb Huelskamp , SVP , Global Partners and Alliances , Alteryx . “ We want our enhanced partner programme to reflect our mission and values and adhere to industry best practices , driving value for our partners and enhancing business outcomes for our customers .”
Key changes to the programme to support Alteryx ’ s growing investment in its partner ecosystem include :
• Benefits : As partners progress through the programme , they are awarded additional benefits with each achievement . Benefits and requirements are now segmented regionally rather than at country levels . Increased incentives are offered for customer projects that are initiated and driven by partners
• Partner enablement : New role-based training curriculum and certifications are available for partners that are an extension of the Alteryx sales and services go-to-market team enablement
• Tiering system : Registered , Select , and Premier partner tiers , offering new standard discounts , and partnerinitiated discounts
• Global rules of engagement : Alteryx released an official set of global guidelines , including best practices that will help partners optimise results within the programme
“ This is a fantastic initiative and a fascinating take on the traditional partner structure . By gamifying the process , Alteryx has effectively ensured that high quality customers have access to only the very best partners – a self-perpetuating cycle of quality ,” said Hamid Khan , Chief Operating Officer , Beinex . “ The channel market is hugely competitive , and customers need to know exactly who they should be doing business with . With the recent launch of Alteryx Analytics Cloud , it is an extraordinary time to be a part of the Alteryx partner ecosystem . We ’ re excited to support Alteryx in their next stage of growth as we work together to help customers democratise data analytics and quickly and easily derive insights from their business data using Alteryx ’ s industryleading product portfolio .” •