Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 45 | Page 55

• Caution is a value that is particularly pertinent in the realm of cybersecurity – and customers want to know that their business risks are being taken seriously . Communicating with pragmatic empathy , strategising with a holistic mindset and proactively unpicking the complexities around cybersecurity will go a long way in building trust in cybersecurity solutions – and nurturing cyber awareness among customers
• Consistency is key . It ’ s a tired adage but it has never been truer than in the approach to cybersecurity . Gaining trust from customers as the challenges evolve with new digital technologies , business structures and opportunities means demonstrating future-focused solutions and strategies that maintain the drumbeat of cybersecurity , come what may . Consistent communication , support and consultancy will stoke the embers of confidence enabling secure and impactful transformations
• Courage is the key ingredient for change – and all customers must be prepared to evolve their cyber strategies to stay ahead of bad actors . Channel partners that inspire strength in the face of these challenges , that display bold and fresh thinking as well as cyber solutions will facilitate the bravery needed for customers to make the Digital Transformations needed to remain competitive , safely . Delivering expert consultancy with conviction is critical here
• Commitment to customers , with the provision of on-going support and consultancy is important as many enter new territory , with shifting cybersecurity landscapes . On-going and proactive
consultancy , that goes beyond the point of sale is critical . This is a shared commitment among the ecosystem , reinforcing cybersecurity at every layer and creating a security by-design approach to all digital solutions
The channel partners that can demonstrate deep expertise across the technology stack will lead the way . A focus
on continued research and development ( R & D ) in cyber , digital security and trust will spotlight the commitment to customer ’ s cybersecurity , along with the breadth and depth of the wider ecosystem of partners that leverage edge cyber innovation .
Bring together these elements , with a healthy dose of the five Cs of trust and a world class threat intelligence network and customers will be well on their way to cybersecurity confidence . Only then can the full value of the digital opportunity be unleashed , the competitive edge won and the customer relationship promoted to platinum quality . •