Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 45 | Page 45


NTT expands its data centre footprint by 20 %


TT ’ s Global Data Centers division , a Leader in the IDC MarketScape Worldwide Data Center Colocation and Interconnection Services 2021 Vendor Assessment , provides a full stack of ICT services and continues to expand its global data centre footprint by 20 % to build a connected future that will benefit enterprise clients and hyperscalers around the world .
NTT operates data centres across Europe , North America , Africa and Asia , including a major presence in India . It delivers and operates global interconnected data centres with cross-regional data centre networks through key markets such as London , Singapore , Tokyo and Virginia in North America . Its expansions in data centre services provide increased data centre capacity and network connectivity across all geographies .
Over the next two years , NTT will increase its available IT load in EMEA by over 40 % as it builds 13 new data centre buildings across nine markets in six countries to deliver an added 115MW of IT load across 50,000m ². NTT will launch its first data centres in Madrid and Johannesburg as well as adding buildings to Vienna , Zurich , London and across Germany , with expanded data centre interconnections .
In addition , NTT is currently constructing a ‘ MIST ’ large-capacity submarine cable connecting Singapore , Malaysia and India ( Mumbai and Chennai ).
The MIST cable system will have a total length of 11,000km : a distance which is further than flying from New York , across the US and the Pacific Ocean to land in Tokyo . Construction will complete in mid-2023 .
The infrastructure combination of such a significant increase in global data centre capacity coupled with NTT ’ s status as a tier 1 global network service provider , will provide businesses with a secure platform for increasing full-stack ICT service needs .
Global Data Center Interconnect ( GDCI ), an integrated global network fabric service that delivers a cross-regional data centre network and private secure connection to major cloud service providers with a single physical port supporting multiple virtual network services , increases this capability to provide a highspeed interconnected digital backbone across its global markets . The increased submarine cable system will also help to provide crossregional data centre interconnections .
Masaaki Moribayashi , President and Board Director for NTT Ltd ., said : “ The pandemic has dramatically changed our way of life . People ’ s quality of life now fundamentally depends on this infrastructure . In the next 18 months , NTT plans to increase data centre operations by 20 % to a total of over 600,000m 2 ( approx . 6.5M ft 2 ) of floorspace in over 20 countries and regions . In addition , NTT will globally expand approximately 30 connection points of GDCI service in our data centres to optimise the enterprise hybrid cloud environment over NTT ’ s data centres and network services . NTT has already started construction to add 300MW of IT load to its portfolio . With the completion of new data centres , expanded campuses and high-capacity networks such as the MIST submarine cable , we are building a connected future that will benefit NTT ’ s clients around the world .” •