Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 45 | Page 40

What channel partners say
“ A customer recently became the target of what could have resulted in a devastating breach , but we were able to quickly stop the attack thanks to the Sophos Rapid Response team , which provided critical support in an extremely challenging situation . We ’ ve now made it a requirement for all ITConnexx customers to implement Sophos MTR , so that neither us nor our clients find ourselves in a similar situation again ,” said Brian O ’ Shaughnessy , CEO , ITConnexx . “ The innovation behind Sophos XDR is another game changer in how we ’ re able to protect our customers from today ’ s most sophisticated threats with an all-encompassing holistic view of their environments .”
“ The cybersecurity threat landscape is extremely volatile and one of the biggest challenges we face as an MSP is in finding industry-best vendors that not only help differentiate our business , but more importantly ensure our customers are protected from the most advanced and never-before-seen threats ,” said Bob Coppedge , CEO , Simplex-IT .
“ Sophos solutions and services provide the industry ’ s best protection , bar none . The enablement and education further provided through MSP Connect helps us create the bridge we need to communicate with executives – especially those who don ’ t always understand the intricacies of cybersecurity .” •
We ’ re seeing unprecedented demand for integrated security solutions and services that better protect customers and enable partners to expand their business .