Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 45 | Page 37

security is a big thing for clients but what also stands out if it is simple to deploy , use and maintain and builds intelligence into every control point , that makes it easy for consumers to make a choice .
Vaidy Panchabikesan , Regional Sales Director , Kissflow , said partners need to laser focus on product , service , pricing and collaboration differentiation . “ Especially in the Middle East region , where relationships are key and in-house IT teams are highly dependent on the technical expertise and guidance of their partners , being well connected with customers and building a strong onsite and offshore delivery model for implementation services at affordable prices creates a strong value to the customers ,” he said .
Peter French , General Manager MEA , Acronis said focusing on having a customerfirst approach is crucial and one must know its customers , understand their challenges and consider a solution-centric approach , rather than a product-centric approach . French said in other words , it is better not to fit a customer ’ s problem into a vendor ’ s offering , instead , it is more efficient to fit the vendor ’ s offerings to help the customer address its challenges . “ That said , many vendors have spent a lot more time , effort and energy in researching the various problems that customers face and can provide most or all of the tools needed to fit a customer ’ s requirements ,” he said . “ When working with such vendors , the channel partner needs to ensure they have the necessary expertise , qualifications and experience to deliver the vendor best practices into a customer dedicated environment .” •
Customers of all sizes are looking to convert technology selection , management and ongoing support into a service and service is all about people .