Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 45 | Page 23

alliance partners in the industry will help us drive further growth in the region . We have a focused team to support the channel and drive great discussions with our customers together .
What does the outlook for Veeam look like in the next 12 to 18 months and where do you want your army of channel partners to be focusing on ?
Our future is very bright as Veeam and the solutions we have brought to the market already are either deeply entrenched on the continent or gaining traction with customers .
It ’ s typically perceived as a grudge purchase until they really need it and then it ’ s too late for the best investment they never made . With ransomware attacks becoming more prevalent and compliancy increasing in importance in South Africa with the new POPI Act in place since July , there are even more reasons for companies to prioritise data protection . Veeam can assist customers with these types of initiatives to drive efficiency in their business , as well as giving them peace of mind that their data is secure .
Given that most companies in Africa have adopted a hybrid working policy , how is Veeam positioning itself to ensure that businesses on the African continent continue to utilise solutions within your stable that support remote working ?
For Veeam this discussion becomes even more important as customers need to ensure that their data is secure , no matter where it resides . The same goes for the users , it shouldn ’ t matter where the user resides as long as IT can ensure that there are no data breaches , no malware or ransomware attacks . If there is disaster due to a breach or attack , Veeam can help customers plan for and execute their recovery plan with confidence and in the knowledge that if compromised in any way they can recover appropriately in line with their corporate requirements . This encompasses everything from enterprise workforces to Tier 4 data centres .
Veeam has been ramping up its channel initiatives , marketing and evangelism around backup , Disaster Recovery and modern data protection solutions for virtual , physical and multi-cloud infrastructures . Briefly outline how you are working with your channel partners in Africa to achieve accelerated growth ?
Four key things : having the right enablement plans for our partners , driving the right go to market strategies with our channel , ensuring they have the right incentives and tools to support them and working closely with our
As Veeam is a 100 % channel organisation , we work closely with our channel partners and alliances to drive our strategy to our end-users .
We have seen significant adoption of our cloud aligned solutions that allow customers the ability to move data between Cloud service providers as well as natively backup to the cloud as a primary or archive tier . We are starting to see our Kubernetes backup capabilities gain favour in the market alongside some of the enterprise solutions we have deployed . Our highly effective and simple to deploy and manage Enterpriseclass solutions are proving very attractive to enterprise organisations .
Our Africa wide focus will continue as we plan to make additional resource investments in the region in support of customers and partners in the coming months .
Our partners should be focused on helping the customers define their modern data backup strategies and delivering value with the support of a dedicated team of highly motivated Veeam employees in the region . We will continue to add value to our solutions and capability to the industry to deal with existing and new threats as they arise ! •