Intelligent Tech Channels Issue 44 | Page 43


Edarat Group adopts IBM Cloud Satellite to accelerate Digital Transformation in KSA

T ech giant IBM , has announced that Edarat Group , a data centre and ICT Infrastructure firm in the Middle East , has selected IBM Cloud Satellite to enable its customers in Saudi Arabia to harness IBM Cloud services in hybrid cloud environments .

Using IBM Cloud Satellite , Edarat Group will enable its customers to run workloads in hybrid cloud environments while keeping their data in Saudi Arabia .
This stated Edarat Group , is a key for regulated industries like financial services , telco and healthcare , and can
allow companies in these industries to run workloads in local and global data centres . In addition , the company said this will be a catalyst for technology innovation in Saudi Arabia , a core component of the Kingdom ’ s Vision 2030 .
IBM Cloud Satellite brings IBM Cloud services securely to any environment where data resides – whether at the Edge , on premises , or on multiple public clouds .
Rather than having to migrate workloads fully to a public cloud environment , Edarat Group ’ s enterprise customers can access secure IBM Cloud services in any environment where their data resides – allowing them to abide by local regulations .
The adoption of IBM Cloud Satellite is designed to improve Edarat Group ’ s agility and enhance its operational efficiency in an increasingly competitive and evolving data centre and ICT landscape in Saudi Arabia . By expanding the partnership with IBM , Edarat will harness open hybrid cloud technologies to gain better deployment flexibility , enhanced security , and access to advanced services that can fuel innovation .
“ In a phased approach , we are addressing the evolution of the market landscape in the Kingdom and across the Middle East . As Saudi Vision 2030 has laid out a roadmap for digitalisation , increasing numbers of companies require services and consultancy that embraces the agility and flexibility that their data requires ,” said Jihad Nehme , Transformation and Workload Migration Principal Consultant , Edarat Group . “ Through IBM Cloud Satellite , we are able to comply with the comprehensive data regulations across the kingdom while providing the flexibility that hybrid cloud services allow our own workloads and in turn our own customers ’ needs .”
Fahad Alanazi , General Manager , IBM Saudi Arabia
Fahad Alanazi , General Manager , IBM Saudi Arabia , said : “ IBM is committed to accelerate our clients ’ Digital Transformation journeys and support Saudi Arabia ’ s Vision 2030 . With our collaboration with Edarat Group , we are helping them transform their enterprise offerings to meet the rapidly evolving digital needs of their customers . By leveraging IBM Cloud Satellite , Edarat Group will be able to harness the power of IBM ’ s hybrid cloud capabilities , while allowing clients to securely deploy secure and open IBM Cloud services in any environment they choose – on-premises , any public cloud , or at the Edge .” •